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Silvana Lee

Trading forex since 2010, I switch from day trading to swing trading 5 years into my journey as a trader due to the changing of market dynamics. I believe that being able to always adapt to the current trend is an important skill to withstand the market.

Articles by Silvana Lee

Macro Trading: A Fundamental Approach to Your Strategy

May 15 2023    
Are you a news enthusiast and following global market updates regularly? If so, macro trading might just be the one for you.

How to Identify Fake MetaTrader Scams

May 8 2023    
Many traders focus on the broker aspect when avoiding scams. They don't realize that such frauds could also happen on the MetaTrader platform.

Bounce Trading Strategy with EMA and Bar Chart

May 2 2023    
This is a short-term trading method that specifically uses bar charts as opposed to common candlesticks. Let's learn how to combine it with EMA to generate trading signals.

How to Trade Stellar Lumens (XLM) with DBLHC

Apr 28 2023    
Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a cryptocurrency with great potential. To trade it successfully, there's a swing strategy with DBLHC that you might need to try. Why so and how to do it?

Fiscal Stimulus: What Beginners Need to Know

Apr 19 2023    
Fiscal stimulus has a direct impact on currency exchange rates. However, many traders don't know what fiscal stimulus is and how it differs from monetary stimulus.

Your Definitive Guide to Trading without Indicators

Apr 18 2023    
Trading without indicators might seem confusing at first, but you would get clearer trading signals once you master it. Here are the key tips you could follow.

5 EUR/USD Facts Every Beginner Should Know

Apr 17 2023    
As the most widely traded currency pair in the world, it's no wonder that most beginners learn to trade with EUR/USD. However, have you known about these EUR/USD facts?

4 Effective Ways to Never Miss Out on a Trade

Apr 14 2023    
Did you know that journaling missed trades could improve your skill in spotting trading opportunities? There are more tips here if you're learning how to never miss out on a trade.

RoC Indicator for Short-term and Long-term Trading

Apr 13 2023    
RoC (Rate of Change) is a momentum indicator that can be utilized for short-term trading as well as long-term trading. What are the setups?

3 Ways to Increase Your Trading Size Safely

Apr 12 2023    
Are you ready to increase your trading size? To help you step up your game safely, it's better to gradually rise the size. There are also other awakening tips to discuss below.