Vantage collaborated with Bloomberg Media Studios to launch the insightful video, The Vantage View, to educate traders about economic growth.


Vantage has developed over 13 years to create a trading ecosystem that helps global traders achieve their financial goals. The fintech company strives to provide transparent trading, market-leading platforms, speed of execution, and technology solutions.

The multi-asset broker is proud to sign a collaboration with Bloomberg Media Studios, a New York-based international news company, to introduce a series of captivating and insightful videos entitled The Vantage View. It aims to create a unique video of in-depth analyses of prime trends and views in trade and the economy.

The Vantage View video series offers quarterly episodes featuring leading figures and professional analysis experts across global industries. Topics cover a variety of popular trends related to politics and economics to educate participants about the prominent changes and developments affecting the global economy.

Chief Strategy & Trading Officer at Vantage, Marc Despallieres, commented, "The partnership underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality content and fostering thought-provoking discussions on important topics. Combining Vantage in financial services with industry-leading journalism and reaching the Bloomberg network, The Vantage View will be a trusted source of insight and analysis for a diverse audience, including investors, professionals and enthusiasts."

Additionally, this video will explore topical issues, such as the geopolitical influence of climate change policies on security and trade and the impact of AI technology on financial markets. It will broaden knowledge of economic growth and provide new opportunities for international trade while maintaining a global rules-based system.