London-based retail brokerage Tickmill expanded its offerings with the addition of 100+ new single stock CFD, including Tesla, Ferrari, Meta, and many others.

Tickmill broker takes its trading conditions one step further by adding additional instruments to allow clients to diversify their portfolios more freely. The company recently introduced a new asset class of 100 CFD Shares traders.

tickmill broker

Stock CFDs offered cover a wide range of industry sectors such as technology, medical, automotive, banking, retail, software, and many more. Clients can access these assets via the MetaTrader 5 platform with low spreads and zero commission fees. Here are some of the new Stock CFDs that Tickmill has released:

  • FAANG stocks: Meta (Facebook), Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google
  • Retail: Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Home Depot, Shopify, Costco, Walmart
  • Pharmaceutical: Pfizer, Moderna, Biontech, Johnson & Johnson
  • Banking / Payment Providers: Bank of America, Visa, JP Morgan, Mastercard, PayPal
  • Technology: Microsoft, Intel, Oracle
  • Communication: Twitter, Baidu, Zoom
  • Automotive: Tesla, Ferrari
  • Airline: Boeing, United Airlines Holdings

Stock CFDs are a favorite with clients mainly because their investment requirements tend to be lighter thanks to the leverage feature, where traders can strengthen their trading strategies while diversifying their trading portfolio instead of putting all their eggs in one basket and investing in one particular stock that requires high capital. For further information, clients can visit its website here.

Sudhanshu Agarwal, Executive Director of Tickmill Ltd. said that the company is very excited to introduce the above list of latest Stock CFDs to clients. The variety of Tickmill trading products, competitive trading conditions, advanced technology, and regulations from trusted institutions are the complete Tickmill package that attracts new clients to join the company.

However, this addition of 100 shares of CFD is only the beginning of the company's achievements for the year, as Tickmill still has many surprises for its clients throughout 2022.