Learn how to identify emerging trends and forex pairs to consider through IC Markets webinar that will be held on November, 25th.

Lockdowns, vaccine rollouts, and inflation have all occurred in recent years. The world is struggling to adapt to an uncertain market climate. As a result, global financial markets quickly changed from optimistic to negative. However, is now the right time to find emerging trends in the forex market? 



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What experienced traders often look for is a trending market. Because in this condition, they can increase their chances of making money. Unfortunately, finding a trending market is not easy and requires skill.

Market trends are the cornerstone of most trading strategies, as they signal whether traders should open short or open long positions. A market trend is the perceived direction of price movement over a certain period, which can move up, down, or flat.

Trends help traders predict the market, such as predicting and analyzing price action based on historical data and trends, to try and understand whether certain patterns will reappear.

In this IC Markets webinar session, Trade with Precision market analysts will guide you through scanning the Forex market conditions and identifying emerging trends. The webinar entitled "Emerging trends for trading on the Forex market" will cover:

  • Recent movements in the major Forex pairs across multiple timeframes
  • Identifying and assessing the emerging trends
  • Building a watchlist of fx pairs to consider

IC Markets will be holding a webinar on Friday, 25 November 2022 at 02:00 - 03:00 ICT, which you can join by simply signing up on the official IC Markets website.