ETX Capital has revealed new branding as OvalX after integration with Oval early this year. Clients now will be directed to OvalX website when accessing ETX Capital.

ETX Capital, a London-based forex and CFD broker, is rebranding to OvalX. Visitors to the ETX Capital website will be automatically directed to the OvalX website. This development comes almost three months after Oval completed its integration with ETX Capital. OvalX promises to quickly implement new features and recruit more talent to help the brand shift from a start-up to a substantial industry presence.

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ETX Capital's experience in financial markets in offering new, effective, and personalized services for clients' savings and investment needs will be of great benefit to Oval.

ETX Capital shared the following statement on its Linkedin profile:

"Having delivered trustworthy service our customers can rely on for decades, we’ve made sure any changes we introduce don’t affect the services our customers you know and love. As the next step in our evolution, we’ve changed our name to OvalX. We’ll look a little different, but you can still expect the same premium, personalized customer experience, plus the same access to over 5,000 markets.

But now we’re combining with someone to push us to the next level through technology and innovation. We’re creating something new – OvalX. OvalX combines ETX’s experience with Oval technology. It’s the next step as we move into the future."

Since its founding in 2002, ETX Capital is a subsidiary of Monecor Ltd, which was founded in 1965. ETX stands for e-commerce, telephone trading and execution services, and has been on a path of expansion since 2010 when it launched businesses in Germany and South Africa. In 2013, ETX expanded operations by taking over local offices in Greece, Spain, and Denmark.