After rebranding, OvalX has staffed up. The company hires ex-Amazon Elena Giardino as its new Marketing Project Manager.

Following last month's rebranding, retail forex and CFD broker OvalX, formerly ETX Capital, continues to build on its management team. This time, OvalX appointed Elena Giardino as Marketing Project Manager.


Elena Giardino joins OvalX after four years working at Milan-based Amazon Italia in the position of Transaction Marketing Manager – Italy. For her new position at OvalX, Giardino moved to Turin, where operations of the banking application Oval Money take place. She will report directly to OvalX CMO Claudio Bedino, co-founder of Oval Money who now heads up marketing for both brands.

Giardino posted the following note on social media regarding her new role at OvalX:

Finally, I can share my new job as Marketing PM Oval.

Why did I wait so long to announce it?
We were focused on rebranding ETX Capital to OvalX. I worked these 6 months to achieve this exciting result.
What is Oval Money?
We are a fintech company, managing 2 products Oval (learn and invest app) and OvalX (trading platform).
What is my role about?
Delivering complex and value added projects that ensure company growth and strengthen brand identity.

As previously reported, ETX Capital has decided to change its name to OvalX, after acquiring the Oval Money app. Going forward, OvalX plans to integrate brand and technology with its management team which is now spread between London (where ETX Capital is based), and Turin.