Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Is ThinkMarkets the best place for beginners to start trading?...

Kristofer Venable
Taiwan Jun 3 2022

Is ThinkMarkets the best place for beginners to start trading? What kind of benefits do they offer for newbies? I personally have plenty of criteria that I think would suit me, including but not limited to:

1. A good demo account with a lot of instruments choices and a good virtual balance (around $10k)

2. Great educational programs for beginners, which include basic trading skill courses and interesting interactive programs like webinars.

3. Low deposit as well as low deposit and withdrawal fees, most new traders are afraid to spend a lot of money for first-time trading.

Official Response
Jun 17 2022

Kristofer Venable: For item 1, you can try by register a demo account.
For item 2, you can have a read the information at our official websites
For item 3, we don't have a minimum deposit for a Standard account

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