LiteFinance celebrated its 18th anniversary in the financial industry. It has produced some more innovations and excellent service for the clients.

LiteFinance reached its 18th anniversary this month. The company expressed its gratitude for being one of the excellent brokers worldwide. Since being established in 2005, LiteFinance has expanded its business to many countries, including Mongolia, Mexico, Tanzania, India, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. The countries are seen highly potential for such financial business. Thus, LiteFinance offered promotional programs with exciting prizes, including cars, motorbikes, Apple devices, and travel tours.


The broker has made some service innovations for the clients. It has launched a service for forecasting quotes, boosting its clients' profit-making potential. A trader only needs to pick an asset, set a contract amount, and make a correct forecast for a price change in points.

The trading app has also been updated. LiteFinance provides a smooth trading opportunity that works faster than the previous ones. The list of trading assets has also been added. Henry Hub natural gas (XNGUSD), new cryptocurrencies, CFDs on shares of some of the largest global corporations (Coca-Cola #KO, Ford #F, Tencent Music #TME, and Global Payments #GPN), and other assets.

The wrap-up progress of 18-year work by LiteFinance are:

  1. Provided service to 3,443,988 clients;
  2. Directed 1,212,635,415 orders to the market;
  3. Processed 96,343,070 trading lots;
  4. The broker's performance has been recognized and won numerous global awards, including the Best Retail Forex Broker, the Most Innovative Forex Broker, and the Best Retail Forex Trading Platform.

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