LiteFinance attracts its IB clients in South Korea to participate in Lucky Ticket Draw. The grand prize of $5000 is for the IB that can bring the most active clients.

LiteFinance announced the first IB Lucky Ticket Draw for partners in South Korea. The main prize of $5,000 will be given to the most active clients. The steps to participate in IB Lucky Ticket Draw began with registering as a partner from April 1 - May 1, 2023. No additional registration in the contest is required.

After that, the IB must bring clients for LiteFinance as many as possible during the contest period. The marketing strategy is free. The clients who become the referrals have to deposit in the broker. The IB will receive lucky tickets for every $5,000 deposited by the referrals. The more deposits entered LiteFinance during the contest period, the more lucky tickets the participants will have. It means a wider opportunity to win the draw.  


On May 1, 2023, the participants can check out winning numbers. The winner of the Lucky Ticket draw is the one that has the tickets that coincide with a lucky number. A transparent algorithm based on market quotes will determine the winners randomly. 

Three winners will receive the prize of LiteFinance Lucky Draw. The third place is $1,000 and will be drawn at 18:00; the Second place: is $3,000 and will be drawn at 19:00; The first place is at 20:00 to find out who wins $5,000. The hours above are local time in South Korea (UTC+9).

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