Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

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how i was able to get it out

Stop wasting your time and money, i was scammed by a scam broker who keep asking me for more funds to deposite which look hilarious to me luckily to me i was able to cliam back my lost investment with the help of nick jover4 at gm com , who guide me to get back all my lost including my bonus 

NigeriaJennifer Jan 10 2024 Account Number: (5478903xxx)

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my experience with FxPro has been a mixed bag

As a beginner in the trading world, my experience with FxPro has been a mixed bag. 💼
On one hand, they offer a wealth of resources and educational materials that have been instrumental in my learning journey. However, I must admit that the platform's interface can be overwhelming for newcomers. The abundance of charts, indicators, and options can be daunting at first, and I found myself needing some time to navigate and familiarize myself with the platform.

While I don't necessarily blame the company for this, it may be worth considering a more friendly interface for beginners. 📚👍

FranceDavid Berlioz Jul 17 2023

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