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United Arab Emirates Aug 10 2023
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EMD and BIGMO are the same company; earlier, its name was Digibits. They used to change the names once they got enough complaints and cases in the UAE. These are big scammers targeting Indians. They will arrange for the Relationship Manager to handle our accounts. But later on, we will get to know that their duty is to force us to invest more and wash out our accounts. Once they know you can't invest more, they will stop responding to your calls.

I lost 11,000 USD; in my list, people have lost more than 2,00,000 USD as of now. Once all your money is lost, they will blame the market and you. Once the market is about to pick up, they will tell you to sell. If you have any doubts, you can try withdrawing money from your account. Step 2 will not work.

They don't even have any regulations in the UAE. If you have any doubts, you can check with the government. They say SCA license, but they don't have that either, not even a trade license in the UAE. Please stay away from these people.

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