ICO is a controversial topic in the world of crypto. Often, it ended up being a scam or even failed. But there are 7 most successful ICO projects that aren't a scam. What are they?

Among many topics in the world of cryptocurrency, ICO is one of the most interesting issues to talk about. In the last couple of years, more people have started to see this offer as an alternative to Initial Public Offerings. ICO gained more popularity due to less regulation and more opportunity for everyone to 'reserve a spot on the upcoming technology and movement'.

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a variation of an Initial Public Offering or IPO. ICO can be compared to crowdfunding, where a business holds a fundraising event to launch a certain product. Usually, when an entrepreneur is looking to launch a cryptocurrency, they can do it through ICO.

The people investing during this event will receive a new crypto coin or token from this company. The coins or tokens in question offer benefits for the investors. For example, it gives the holder access to corporate services or grants them rights to corporate or cryptocurrency dividends, and many more.

These are a list of the most successful ICOs you should know.

  • NEO
  • Ethereum
  • Alias
  • Stratis
  • Ark
  • NXT

By exploring these successful ventures, we can gain valuable insights into the potential and authenticity of ICOs.


1. NEO

NEO, a Chinese open-source Blockchain project, is one of the most successful ICO projects. NEO has gone by many names during its short history, but one of the most common is "China's Ethereum". There are some reasons why NEO gained the nickname, but the main reason is that NEO utilized smart contract applications and decentralized commerce.

NEO - Successful ICO Project

However, NEO had little to no support from the Chinese government, as well as major companies such as Microsoft Corp. This condition forced NEO to raise a massive ICO in order to launch the project. This ICO project proved to be successful and brought a lot of profits for the investors.

NEO's price rose from the token price of just over 3 cents to an all-time high price of roughly $180. Because of this, NEO deserves to be one of the most successful ICO projects ever.


2. Ethereum

To this day, the name "Ethereum" remains the second-biggest digital currency with no rival. One thing that separates it from other currencies like Bitcoin is that Ethereum is a digital currency and a supporting platform for decentralized applications that use a smart contract. For this reason, ETH is one example of the most successful ICO project in the history of cryptocurrency.

Successful ICO Projects

In the beginning, Ethereum was sold for $0.31 each. As of September 2021, Ethereum is sold for around $3.402 each. This is an immense return on investment for those who bought it during ICO. The rising price of Ethereum every year is why this digital currency has become one of the most successful ICO projects ever.


3. Alias

Alias was formerly known as Spectrecoin. This currency was launched in November 2016 and was marketed as a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. The main feature of this coin is that it can be sent and received worldwide with complete anonymity. This is the one thing that differentiates Alias from other currencies and helps this coin to become one of the most successful ICO projects.

Successful ICO Projects

Although it is considered an example of a successful ICO project, Alias has not yet received its big breakout. At the start of the ICO project, Alias was sold at $0.001 per token. This cryptocurrency is estimated to reach $0.17, not quite an enormous number but still a huge milestone. Will Alias skyrocket this year?


4. Stratis

Stratis is another notable cryptocurrency that can be considered the most successful ICO project yet to make it to the world. The company that initiated this ICO is based in the UK, mostly known for its flexible platform compatible with various programming languages. It, therefore, granted the ability to create and design custom applications easily.

Successful ICO Projects

Stratis ICO was supported by Microsoft, which led to major success. This project raised nearly 1,000 Bitcoin in just five weeks, with each individual paid just $0.01 per token. Per April 2021, Stratis cryptocurrency is traded for $2.51. This number secures Stratis' position among the most successful ICO projects ever.


5. Ark

Ark is one of the most successful ICO projects in history. The initial token price was $0.04 during the ICO period. Since then, it managed to climb to its peak at $11 before settling down and is recently traded at around $2.59. Some factors made people want to invest in this coin. One is its design to be as efficient as possible; the currency allows quick integration of other cryptocurrencies into its blockchain.

Successful ICO Projects


6. NXT

NXT is the earliest and one of the most successful ICO projects ever. This currency was designed to be a blockchain that caters to financial services. NXT development team managed to earn about $16,800 worth of Bitcoin at the time of ICO. This money was used to develop the currency associated with the platform. At its peak, NXT tokens managed to reach $2.15.

Successful ICO Projects


Should We Invest in ICO?

There are some benefits to investing during the ICO period. First, you can buy crypto when the price is still low. You will also get preferential access to a certain product or service within the cryptocurrency. Not to mention the flexible regulations around ICO will give you more freedom.

But, ICO is not without risk. Because this practice is not regulated, it has been a breeding ground for scammers who prey on new investors. The worst scenario is that your investment can be subjected to artificial pump-and-dump schemes. Also, since the company isn't obligated to notify investors regarding the project's progress, you might not get updates regularly.

To conclude, ICO projects can be challenging and risky. Most ICO failed due to technical difficulties, while others turned out to be a scam. That being said, there are some of the most successful ICO projects worldwide with enormous returns on investment for investors.

If you could identify what makes the abovementioned ICO projects so successful, it would probably be easier for you to spot good ICO potentials soon. Always be careful before investing in an ICO project to ensure you won't be subjected to scams.


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