Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Bad slippage! Unreal!


Sarah Austin
France Oct 16 2023

FirewoodFX employs a cunning strategy to take your money. They widen the spread pips, effectively charging you more, and then label it as "slippage." While I had a smooth experience trading on their demo account, things took a different turn on the real account.

When I attempted to open a trade at a specific price, they manipulated it and executed it at a different price, justifying it as "slippage." The same issue kept recurring when closing orders. For example, if I expected a profit of +$2, I'd later discover in my trading history that it was actually -2$. This pattern persisted across many of my orders.

When I reached out to them about this, they insisted it was slippage, and that I had supposedly agreed to it when signing up. This situation left me baffled. Why would every order be opened at a different price and result in a 2-pip loss when closing it? It seemed rather unreasonable and hard to accept.

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Marty Patton
Oct 16 2023
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Roxanne Logan
Oct 1 2023
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