XTB launches auto-invest feature, promoting passive investment strategies in the UK. Let's explore flexible options for ETF investments with XTB's Investment Plans.


As a smart way of promoting its Investment Plans in the UK, forex broker XTB has unveiled a promotional campaign featuring advantages associated with long-term and passive investment strategies that are automated.

The campaign highlights the flexibility of their approaches to accommodate changing investor goals and needs. According to Joshua Raymond, Director of forex broker XTB UK, the increase in passive investment options is structured with its motto, 'one app but many possibilities.'

The newest addition is introducing an auto-invest feature within the Investment Plans framework. Clients can create as many as 10 portfolios, each with a maximum of nine ETFs.

The auto-invest feature of the XTB app allows long-term investors who prefer low engagement in active portfolio management to establish, adjust, and discontinue investment settings with a high degree of freedom.

However, after successful initial launches in the UAE and other European countries, this Poland-based broker's Investment Plans have gained momentum. The plans provide ready-made portfolios targeting different risk appetites, with a minimum investment of $15.

Through this forex broker news, now you understand how determined XTB is to provide various and easily accessed investment facilities that strengthen its position in the international market.