The FreshForex VIP account offers various features to help professional traders maximize their trading experience. One notable example is the customizable leverage.

FreshForex VIP

The name FreshForex is likely not unfamiliar to most traders, as this broker is widely recognized for several compelling reasons. With over 19 years of experience in the forex market, FreshForex has earned a reputation for its reliability and high-quality services.

What truly sets this broker apart is the availability of the FreshForex VIP Account. This premium account is designed for professionals and offers several unique features that allow traders to enhance their trading conditions.


Understanding FreshForex VIP Account

The FreshForex VIP account, GoldMan, is designed for professional traders seeking an exceptional trading experience. This specialized account is precision-crafted to meet seasoned trading experts' unique requirements and expectations.

It offers an array of tailored privileges, including preferential trading conditions, enhanced support, and various benefits, all aimed at serving professional traders. The FreshForex VIP account reflects the brokerage's dedication to enhancing the trading journey for its clients and ensuring they receive the premium service they deserve.

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Why You Should Consider Joining a FreshForex VIP Account

Becoming a part of the FreshForex VIP Account can be a good choice for a professional trading experience. Here are all the benefits clients can get from FreshForex VIP Account, GoldMan.


1. Low Commission for Deposit and Withdrawal

FreshForex prioritizes providing its traders with a hassle-free and cost-effective trading experience. One of the ways traders achieve this is by covering all commissions imposed by payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds.

This means that when traders choose FreshForex as a trading partner, they can enjoy a 0% commission rate for deposits and withdrawals. This saves their money and ensures that every cent the traders invest or withdraw contributes to the trading objectives, with no hidden costs or deductions. This is good for professional traders as they prefer to convert all their funds for profits.


2. Customizable Leverage

FreshForex understands that one size doesn't fit all in trading. That's why FreshForex VIP Account offers customizable leverage options, allowing clients to tailor their credit leverage to suit their preferences and risk tolerance.

This level of personalization in GoldMan is crucial because professional traders differ in their risk appetite, trading experience, and the financial power they bring to the market.


3. Swap Refund

What sets the FreshForex VIP account apart from other brokers is the availability of the Swap Refund program. These features benefit professional traders when market conditions are unfavorable.

If, at the end of the month, the total swaps earned or paid add up to a negative number, traders can get a refund. FreshForex will give back 20% of that negative amount, which helps compensate for any losses during the month. This is particularly good for professionals who trade with large volumes and might lose more.


4. Personal Consultant Avaliabe

Another one of the standout benefits of the FreshForex VIP Account is the availability of a dedicated Personal Consultant. This unique feature extends a helping hand to personalized support and guidance.

Having a Personal Consultant at disposal means traders can receive expert advice on market trends, trading strategies, and risk management.


5. Quick Withdrawal

In the world of trading, having the ability to access your funds swiftly can make a significant difference, and this is precisely what FreshForex's GoldMan account offers to its professional traders. With the assurance of quick withdrawal processing, trader's withdrawal requests are given first-priority status.

This means that when professional traders choose the FreshForex GoldMan account, they gain an immediate advantage for realizing their profits or managing their funds. It allows for seamless and timely access to their earnings, providing them with the flexibility to react to market opportunities or manage their financial resources effectively.


6. Free Funds Available

For professional traders seeking to maximize their trading capital and overall profitability, the FreshForex VIP account offers an enticing advantage: the availability of unrestricted funds.

Every week, up to 48% of unused free funds are credited, and the size of this payment is directly correlated with the closed trading volume. This unique feature ensures that professional traders can access additional resources to fuel their trading endeavors and reward them for their active trading.


7. Advance Payment Available

FreshForex also offers an advance payment feature through their GoldMan VIP Account. This means traders can submit a request, and FreshForex will credit funds in advance, providing the financial flexibility needed to seize market opportunities. This feature is a valuable tool for immediate access to funds that can be used in advance.


8. Unlimited Order

Professional traders often need the freedom to execute their trading strategies without limitations, and the FreshForex VIP account caters to this need. One of its distinguishing features is the ability for traders to open unlimited buy and sell orders simultaneously. This provides traders with unparalleled flexibility and control over their trading activities.

Where to Find the Information on the Official Broker Site?

  • This information is reported per Oct 24 2023.
  • We can not ensure if this offering is still available or remain the same in future.
  • The broker announcement page may or may not exist anymore, You may explore FreshForex homepage and try to find "Promotion" section on the menu, footer, etc, to ensure the availability and validity of this promotion.

How Do You Become a VIP Client in FreshForex?

While it's called a premium account, the GoldMan account in FreshForex is available for all kinds of traders as long as they can fulfill certain conditions. Here is how to become a VIP client in FreshForex:

  1. Clients must own over $10,000 in their account during a calendar month, excluding withdrawals. This calculation doesn't include the financial results of trading activities or rewards from company promotions.
  2. Then, the clients must request a personal manager via the Client Area.
  3. Once these conditions are met, clients who fulfilled the criteria in the previous month will be granted VIP status within the first five days of the following month (e.g., if a client fulfilled the criteria in February, they will be granted VIP status in March within the first 5 days).
  4. VIP status is valid until the end of the month it was assigned (e.g., If the clients are granted VIP status in March, it will be in effect until the end of March).
  5. To maintain VIP status for the following calendar month, the combined balance of the client's accounts must exceed $10,000 by the end of the previous month. (e.g., if the client's account balance exceeds $10,000 in March, they will be granted VIP status again in April).
  6. If the condition is not met, VIP status will be revoked, and the client must meet the requirements to regain VIP status.

The benefits apply to all active trading accounts when VIP status is granted, excluding Classic.Cent and Pro.Cent accounts. Clients should also remember that the company reserves the right to:

  • Decline a client's request for VIP status if they can't be reached by phone.
  • Unilaterally deny a client's request for VIP status or revoke one or more VIP benefits without providing reasons.
  • Modify the terms and duration of the promotion at any time.


After Words

Professional traders should consider joining the FreshForex VIP account for many compelling reasons. This account offers exclusive accounts designed to cater to seasoned traders and offer abundant benefits that can significantly enhance the trading experience.

By opting for a FreshForex VIP account, professionals can access personalized support, faster withdrawal, reduced trading costs, and priority access to exclusive trading conditions. FreshForex GoldMan accounts also have dedicated account managers and advanced trading tools to further help refine trading strategies and maximize returns.


FreshForex is a brokerage with over 19 years of solid experience in the forex market. The company offers professional ECN accounts with a remarkable 0 spread and other advantages for all kinds of traders.