FXGT is holding a global trading competition for the first time. The broker provides thousands of dollars for the winner.

Ready to win big? Sign up now for the FXGT 1st Official Trading Competition. It is a chance to compete for a share of 35,000 USD. From September 4th until September 18th, ensure you have a minimum account balance of USD200 in your live MT4 or MT5, ECN, or PRO trading account to be eligible to participate. 

The competition officially begins on September 20th at 00:00 GMT+3 server time and runs until October 10th at 23:59 GMT+3 server time. So, get ready to start trading and see your Return on Investment (ROI) ranking soar. There will be 45 winners based on their ROI ranking and five winners based on their Profit and Loss (PnL). This means 35,000 USD will be directly deposited into the winners' live trading accounts as a balance.

Client eligible for both categories, but if the first 5 winners have won one of the categories (e.g., winning ROI), it will not be eligible to receive a prize for PL gain.  


Don't miss this exciting opportunity to flex your trading skills and win big. Sign up now and get ready to compete. Remember to check the Promotional Offers T&Cs and Giveaways T&Cs before signing up. Don't worry; joining this trading competition will not exclude you from other bonuses from the broker. You can still enjoy all other bonuses and participate in as many FXGT promotions as possible.