ATFX accelerates expansion with rebranding & office relocation, showcasing a commitment to superior trading services.


Forex broker ATFX has revealed a series of significant milestones as part of its strategic growth plan. This broker disclosed its rebrand strategy, which changed the name of Rakuten Securities Australia to AT Global Markets (Australia), representing a strategic move in their business within this region.

This move symbolizes that it has made its allegiance to do the best services in trading while using prestige and brand recognition globally.

Parallel to this rebranding, the no-commission broker is planning to move into a bigger work site in Sydney during the next second quarter. In this context, the undertaking's relocation emphasizes the continued growth trend and commitment to meeting its customers' fluctuating demands.

Such developments were welcomed by Joe Li, CEO of forex broker ATFX, with a promise from his firm to deliver the best quality services.

Following recognition as the best global retail trading broker at the Finance Magnates London Summit (FMLS) 2023, this low-spread broker announced its support of the upcoming Finance Magnates Pacific Summit scheduled for August, suggesting it was proactive in increasing market penetration.

With its institutional arm, ATFX Connect, the company intends to showcase its technological knowledge and bespoke liquidity solutions at such an esteemed event.

Following the innovativeness and business integrity in favor of this MT4-only broker, it is currently upgrading its technological systems. These are, among other things, improvements to its client portal and server and the adoption of the automatic KYC onboarding system.

They are directed towards simplifying the user experience regarding trading and providing access to various tools, educational content, and customer care. These long-term expansion plans demonstrate its determination to retain the role of a pioneer in global finance, develop new opportunities, and uphold high-value standards for ATFX clients.

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