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Additional FAQ

Forex market manipulation involves trying to influence other traders' behavior to gain an advantage and potentially cause losses for others. Manipulators seek to control market prices, particularly in currency pairs, by pushing prices in their favor while leaving other traders with losing positions.

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The major global commodities that have the most influence on currency exchange rates and serve as important indicators in Intermarket analysis are gold and crude oil.

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GDP is published quarterly, and it is too long for companies to wait for GDP before making important decisions. Besides, different countries often have different methods of calculating GDP. Such a difference makes them practically incomparable.

Contrarily, an independent institution that counts PMI for many countries will certainly use a similar method. Unlike other economic reports published by government bodies, PMI is commonly held and published by private institutions. This ensures the independence of the survey and lends credibility to the result.

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There are four main types of Commitment of Traders (COT) reports:

  1. Legacy COT Report
  2. Supplemental COT Report
  3. Disaggregated COT Report
  4. Traders in Financial Futures (TFF) Report

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