VT Markets addressed the tremendous success of its trading festival, King of the Hill Trading Contest 2023-2024 in this forex broker news.

vt markets

Besides becoming a member of the Financial Commission, VT Markets forex broker is an internationally recognized reputation with over 4 million clients worldwide and over 1000 instruments on its trading platform. Their commitment to expanding the reach of the business also drives them to increase consistency with a community-oriented ethos.

In recent forex broker news, the multi-award winning broker has proudly announced the stunning success of its venerable trading festival, King of the Hill Trading Contest, from November 2023 to January 2024. Based on the momentum of the previous edition, this renowned contest has strengthened the global trading fraternity and set new standards in excellence and international relations.

The latest edition of the contest brought together more than a thousand traders from all corners of the region to showcase their trading prowess. The competition saw several million dollars traded over 3 months, demonstrating the scale and importance of the event within the trading community.

"The King of the Hill Trading Contest continues to exceed expectations, thanks to the passion and dedication of our participants. We are pleased to see traders coming together to compete and embody the spirit of innovation," commented a VT Markets forex broker's spokesperson.

In addition to showing excitement about competition, these diverse contributions will be a primary step for traders to develop skills while pursuing excellence. One of the winners from Spain, Lopez, also said that the contest journey was not just about the results but also about friendship, learning and the joy of pursuing personal growth goals.