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As a matter of fact, yes. For instance, there is often a correlation between the rise of the US Dollar and strong gains in stock indices like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P500. Similarly, a correlation has been observed between the Nikkei stock index and the Japanese Yen.

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Fundamental and important data affect the demand for a currency, especially the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Consumer Price Index (CPI), and the Employment Figure. Those three indicators reflect the economic condition of a country and they directly affect the exchange rate of the currency.

Whatever strategy you use in trading, you must monitor the three data mentioned for determining the tendency of currency's price movement based on the capital inflow and outflow in the country. The country with a strong economic condition will attract more investors so more money supply will flow into the country, and vice versa.

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Let's use EUR/JPY. Say the BoJ (Bank of Japan) rate is 0.1% and ECB (European Central Bank) is around 0.5%. If BoJ increased interest rates to 0.5%, then their rates will be the same as ECB. However, these changes will entice investors to move their assets to Yen, because they want to get some profit from the changes. Such movement will cause the rise of demand on Yen so that its exchange rates against Euro will rise too.

On the contrary, if BoJ lowers their interest rates to 0.05%, investors will sell their Yens and move their investment into other kinds of assets like bonds, property, or another currency with higher interest, Yen's exchange rates will decrease.

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GDP is published quarterly, and it is too long for companies to wait for GDP before making important decisions. Besides, different countries often have different methods of calculating GDP. Such a difference makes them practically incomparable.

Contrarily, an independent institution that counts PMI for many countries will certainly use a similar method. Unlike other economic reports published by government bodies, PMI is commonly held and published by private institutions. This ensures the independence of the survey and lends credibility to the result.

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