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The calculation of rollover rates for forex and spot metals is as follows:

X transaction size (long/short tom-next rate – XM's Markup)

Keep in mind that plus or minus positions depend on the difference in the exchange rate of two currencies in a given pair.

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The calculation of XM's rollover rate for stocks and stock indices is:

Trade Size x Closing Rate x (long/short position of interbank short-term interest rate – XM's markup

All in all, the start and end of a trading day are considered to be 22:00 GMT in XM. All trading positions that are still open after the time, even if only for 1 minute, will be counted as an overnight position and would be charged a rollover rate.

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The VPS is a dedicated server hosted in a data center and always online, allowing your trading algorithms or Expert Advisors (EAs) to run 24/7 regardless of your computer's uptime or internet connection.

XM VPS gives you lightning-fast trade execution by connecting you to a virtual private server (VPS) just 1.5 kilometers from XM's London data center. The VPS uses optical fiber connectivity, ensuring your trades are executed quickly and reliably.

Powered by Windows Server 2019, the XM VPS has 2GB of RAM, 25GB of storage space, and one vCPU. This is sufficient for most trading strategies, but you can upgrade to a higher-tier plan if you need more resources.

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The rollover rate is determined through swap contracts, which can either be charged or profited for traders. XM does not close or reopen positions, but only debits or credits trading accounts for positions held overnight, depending on the current interest rate.

Although there is no rollover, if the market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, the bank still charges interest on open positions over the weekend, only lowered. To accommodate this time difference, XM introduced a 3-day rollover fee on Wednesdays.

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