Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

Trading Bonus Bonus

Bonus Status
100% Smart Bonus: Double your trading power and cash out active
Get a guaranteed share from the prize fund expired
100% Trading Bonus 2023 expired
Trade Smart Promotion: Plus 50% of the Total Investment expired
Deposit and Trade to Qualify for $12,000 expired
$300 USD Trading Bonus, China Regions expired

Additional FAQ

  1. Welcome bonus: a reward to greet new clients for their initial account opening
  2. No deposit bonus: gives you the opportunity to trade without depositing any money
  3. Deposit bonus: a forex bonus that applies to every deposit, thus benefiting all clients; both new and recurring.

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  1. Normally, a trader has to trade with a certain number of volumes before withdrawing the profits derived from the no deposit bonus.
  2. A welcome bonus requires a deposit from a trader for getting this bonus.
  3. The deposit match bonus typically has a minimum deposit requirement, a maximum limit, and the broker matches a trader's deposit at a preset percentage, typically ranging from 30% to 300%.

Bonus schemes from forex brokers have some requirements regarding how much your initial deposit should be or how much you need to trade if you intend to withdraw profits. The requirements may be okay for some traders, but some others may see them as a source of frustration.

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That will make you more focused on your trades.

Instead of fighting your way to fulfill the required transaction size to withdraw the bonus, focus on your trades so you can earn some market profits from the provided bonus.

After all, deposit bonus is actually an additional margin for you to have more "power" in opening positions

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Admiral Markets does, as it provides a 100% no deposit bonus.

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