Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

RoboForex Bonus

Bonus Status
Sign Up for an Account, Claim 60% Deposit Bonus active
Verified Your Account, Enjoy Free VPS active
No Need to Deposit, Earn $30 Immediately! active
Receive up to 40% of Additional Payouts from RoboForex VIP Program active
Earn 15% Rebates on Every Trade active
Up to 10% of Extra Funds on Account Balance active
Receive On Deposit Bonus up to 120% active
VPS free expired

Additional FAQ

  1. Be realistic and remember that bigger doesn't always mean better
  2. Pay attention to every term that comes with the no deposit bonus
  3. Trade the bonus like you are using your own money
  4. If they allow you to withdraw profits anytime, don't be afraid to take advantage of this policy
  5. Even when you are using a no deposit bonus, it's better to have a carefully planned trading strategy

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A bonus is extra money that you may use to trade with, and a broker usually supplies it as an incentive to attract new clients. Meanwhile, bonus profit is the profit you make from trades using the bonus. That's why both have different terms when it comes to withdrawal.

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Let's say you just signed up for a no deposit bonus program and got a $100 free capital. You then use it to trade and earn a $25 profit. What is the so-called bonus profit? The correct answer, of course, is $25.

If you want to draw the $100 bonus, there will be more requirements that are usually hard to comply with.

For example, to withdraw the bonus, you have to trade this lot before the bonus term ends:

(bonus amount) x 3 lots

So if the reward you get is $100, then you need to trade 300 lots!

Such a huge trading size is not ideal for retail traders aiming for trading with minimal risk. If you end up pushing yourself, more often than not you'll get a margin call first before hitting the 300 lots required.

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If the rules don't match your trading plan, then don't sweat it and move on. There's no use in chasing those bonuses while you sacrifice your well-thought strategy. You may end up trading uncomfortably or even more likely to get losses.

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