Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide

JustMarkets Bonus

Bonus Status
Maximize Your Profit with JustMarkets 120% Deposit bonus active
Refer a Friend Rewards up to $2K active
$30 No Deposit Bonus Only for Asian Clients expired

Additional FAQ

The moment you consider it as free money from the broker, you'll be trading carelessly and tend to forget that you're losing some real money if you fail to win the trade.

It can lead to a bad habit that affects you in the long term, so it's better to always consider the no deposit bonus as your own money.

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Brokers usually do not attach specific requirements for the withdrawal of bonus profits because they are purely derived from the trader's hard work.

So if you focus on withdrawing this bonus profit, you will benefit more because you can make a profit from the extra money and not be burdened by the obligation to trade some ridiculously huge lots.

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To decide which is the right bonus for you, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Know your needs and trading style
  2. Read the rules carefully
  3. Don't force yourself
  4. Do your own research

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A bonus is extra money that you may use to trade with, and a broker usually supplies it as an incentive to attract new clients. Meanwhile, bonus profit is the profit you make from trades using the bonus. That's why both have different terms when it comes to withdrawal.

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