Demo Account Guide
Demo Account Guide
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Australian Dollar Falls Despite RBA Rate Hike Announcement

Nov 7 2023    
The RBA's interest rate hike today does not have a positive impact on the Australian dollar exchange rate for two reasons.

Unemployment in Australia Rises, AUD/USD Dismal

Aug 17 2023    
Australia's unemployment rate is recorded to have increased from 3.5 percent to 3.7 percent in July 2023. As a result, AUDUSD fell.

Vantage Supports Activated Badminton Challenge in Australia

Jun 5 2023   Vantage Markets News  
Vantage is sponsoring the Activated Badminton Challenge to promote fitness and healthy competition. This event held 14 tournaments across the city of AU.

Unemployment in Australia Soars, AUD/USD Declines

May 18 2023   News  
AUD/USD has fallen more than 0.7 percent since the morning opening, reaching a low level of 0.6605.

Australia Raises Interest Rates, AUD/USD Surges

May 2 2023   News  
The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised interest rates by 25 basis points, citing concerns about persistently high inflation pressures.

IC Markets Vs Pepperstone, Which is the Better Australian Broker?

Dec 5 2022   Broker Insights  
To figure out the answer, it is essential to compare Pepperstone vs IC Markets in a systematic way by looking at what they have to offer.

Best Australian Brokers Providing Free VPS

Sep 28 2022   Broker Categories  
Good VPS service is one of many features that can benefits traders. Here are some of the best Australian brokers with free VPS service.

Forex Trading Scams in Australia: Facts and Prevention

Sep 2 2022   Avoiding Scams  
Recognizing the warning signs is the best approach to stay clear of Forex Trading scams in Australia.

Best Micro Brokers in Australia

Jul 20 2022   Broker Categories  
A micro lot broker is a great way to start your trading journey. But, it is also essential to find one that operates under a trusted regulating body like ASIC. Here are some of them.

Best Rated Australian Brokers on Trustpilot

Jul 9 2022   Broker Categories  
Trustpilot is a reputable platform to assist you in finding the best service provider. If you're looking for the best rated Australian brokers, here is the list according to Trustpilot.