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Trading is an activity which allows people to trade some currency pairs or even other instruments. They are then called as traders. Somehow, before entering the market, retail traders need broker service to facilitate their transactions.

Some traders may find it difficult choosing their ideal broker for trading, as there are lots of criteria such as regulation, deposit and withdrawal method, and trading conditions to be considered.

Therefore, we want to help you by providing insightful comparisons to find out your most compatible forex broker. By presenting information on hundreds of brokers around the world, added by a clear and brief description, we are surely able to provide you the best broker searching experience for your trading guidance.

We will also give you an interesting and user-friendly display. Feel free and enjoy your “broker hunting” here, since we have classified each broker into essential categories to support your trading. Easy-to-find your ideal broker is our top priority, whether it is based on the leverage, regulation, country, trading facilities, or trading platform.

Last but not least, if you have trading experience with any broker presented on this site, we provide the space for you to express your review in the comment section. If you know any broker that is not listed yet on our site, you can also contribute to enrich our "broker library".

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email. Any notes or comments that could help improve our site and content are highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hope you find your preferred broker here, traders!