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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Linda Robertson
Account Number: (2467895xxx)
Nov 30 2022

This investment company are 100% scam. I invested $750,500 worth bitcoin with the investment company I trusted a girl name Jessica from Hawaii she told me to start with a minimum of $300 then $500 the next. Next thing you know she said my account got suspended and needed to upgrade i sent to the company $2000 & I was thinking that my funds will be In my account within 45 minutes. I haven’t received my return, i released i have been scam by the company, but i was able to get back my fund through help of (James Flex) and his group and also the help of investigation Unity (FBI). Feel free to contact him via email, and he will render you help immediately. I was obligated to recommend him for the good service which he offer to help my issue from by broker. DONT TRUST THIS PLATFORM AT ALL.

United States
Aug 23 2020

I wasn’t impressed with my experience with Windsor brokers. They are bad trader you’d ever want to trade with because they are total fraud.

United States
Aug 20 2020

Windsor Brokers is the best brokers. I would definitely recommend this excellent company to everyone. They are very experienced and most efficient. Offers the best competitive services. They have account types that suit everyone, and of course they have Islamic accounts.

United States
Aug 20 2020

Amazing team and follow up with clients. They support me since the beginning and I really recommend anyone to start trade with them.

United States
Bio King
Aug 20 2020

They are not trusted after I had made profits they closed my account, I wanted to withdraw my funds but they refused and claimed that I broke one of their rules but I didn't. There are many like me.

United States
Aug 19 2020

They have good customer service and good platform too. Their current offer for bonus account is great too.

United States
Aug 18 2020

This is the worst broker ever. They are unprofessional, dishonest and thieves. They have been manipulating clients for a couple of years now.

United States
Aug 15 2020

My experience with them was good at the beginning then they suddenly turned to be completely the opposite. They might show that they are professional but they're complete scammers trying to take advantage of any situation to sneak your money. Please make your research before going with them or anyone in the market.

United States
Aug 14 2020

They have stolen my money with the cooperation with their cheating IB legacy pro for one year. Suddenly they have burned my account. The biggest scamer forex company.

United States
Dhahan Adhel
Jul 31 2020

It was a terrible experience dealing with Windsor, I lost all my money within a period of a month, and they even didn't send me a warning.