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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

Sep 30 2020

Please don't trust UFX. They are a big scammer. I lost everything in 24 hours.

Thomas J
Sep 28 2020

I'm one of many UFX victims. I got called by someone to deposit money and promising a big profit. They would assign you if you have no experience. After some lost and making sure that I have lost all of the money, the person disappears and never pick up the calls. Now I warn you before you dealing with UFX.

Sep 23 2020

I've been scammed by ufx online trading company, I lose all my funds. I have raised a complaint to their customers service to refund me.

Habibi Malik
Sep 22 2020

I wish I can give this broker 0 star. They have acquired my cell phone number illegally and reject to remove my personal data from their database so if they treat UE law that "good" I can only imagine what kind of service they provide. Looks like an absolute scam to me!

Sep 19 2020

Annoyed by many phone calls at the beginning but finally I give it a shot. It's been 3 months now and not planning to stop. I just hope they will lower the spreads tiny bit.

Sep 18 2020

I was encouraged to put more more money in, lost the lot and no duty of care. Different people kept calling me to do this and that and then when it was gone no one called to help. I lost a lot of money which affected both my financial and mental health. Do not sign up. It’s starts with a little then ask you for more to open a better account!!

Sep 16 2020

UFX is a big liar. They will steal your money. One time they tried to asked me to send another money to recover my loss then they take it all.

Sep 16 2020

They steal all your money guys dont trade with ufx. This broker firm is very bad, their signals and trading strategies are very bad.

Jessica Howard
Sep 13 2020

I introduced by my daughter's boyfriend to bitcoin and trading. I used the platform shortly because at first I made a lot of money, then I went zero in short amount of time. Gonna move to another better broker.

Sep 13 2020

Got called by people who have absolutely no background in trading. They hang off if you ask to be removed from their service (as the call you with a hidden numbers that you cannot block)