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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Daria Hess
Feb 16 2023
Highly recommended

Highly recommended it for sure! So far I have never experienced any trouble at all with this broker. All my order is executed perfectly. But the cherry on top is the amazing customer service. It's available 24 hours and they are all always very professional in handling my problems. In addition to that, this broker also has a tutorial on Wednesday. If you are a new trader like me, I highly suggest you check out TMGM. They truly worth your time and money.

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Virgie Worthington
Feb 3 2023
Need VPS info

So this is more like a question rather than a review. I hope that is okay. I have been interested in TMGM for a while now. But there are some considerations I should think of. It's about the VPS service. I know that TMGM is one of many brokers that offer VPS for their traders. But does it available for free? If yes, are there any conditions I must fulfill? Such as how much trading volume I should take, what instrument I should trade, etc.

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Brain Putnam
Feb 2 2023

Please do better, TMGM. I have been your loyal customer ever since I started trading. In the past, your service is amazing, It's always the best, and I was proud to be a part of your community. But now, I had nothing but trouble. My deposit ised, my withdrawal sied, and even my order ised. What else do you want to? Tried customer service but all they can do is to make wait. See, even the customer service got me 'delayed'.

so furious.

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Zane Shelley
Jan 30 2023
Not bad, my oders are properly executed

After using this broke for at least 6 months or so, I can finally conclude. This broker is mediocre at best. I know this result is probably not the most ideal but that's what it is. They aren't bad either. But I guess it's good that they actually did what they advertise? IDK.

So far, I have yet to experience the worst. At least my order is executed properly. Spread isn't too good, I must say. But it's not too high so I can live with that mmkay.

Probably need more time to make up my mind about this broker.

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Christian Perrin
Jan 13 2023
Best trading experience

Probably one of the best trading experiences I have ever felt. But to be fair, I haven't even traded that long. I only tried one other broker besides this one. Anyhow, these are why I love TMGM:

- No hidden fees, they tell it like it is. A really rare quality these days, unfortunately.

- Smooth deposit and withdrawal. Which I totally in love with.

- No manipulating prices, I mean I hope so. Afterall I didn't notice any weird transactions here.

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Dec 26 2022
I love how it support online bank transfer

To support, this broker supports online bank transfers. However processed within 1 business day by TMGM, only during Australian business hours. The time needed for funds to be available in your account is also quite long, if 3-5 working days. In my opinion, this is quite long compared to other brokers that I have known, a maximum of 3 days of withdrawal. If withdrawals take too long, I feel apprehensive about depositing at this company. Because there is a possibility that funds will take a long time to process and there are higher obstacles.

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Kelvin Stewart
Dec 26 2022
Thank you for good customer support

live chat support is good enough to make me feel at home in this broker. I like the phone support which is very client friendly. I don't think I need to worry if there is a problem in the system. Once a withdrawal of funds that I did took a long time to process. I think there is something wrong in the system, or there are provisions that I don't comply with. I immediately called the support team, and their response was very friendly and kept me from panicking. Finally, I can receive my fund withdrawal after one day of consultation.

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Sean Armstrong
Dec 25 2022
Fast and responsive

The response from support at this company is very fast and responsive. Once I could not make a deposit to my trading account, but the problem was resolved for more than 1 hour due to the help of the chat support team who gave good and patient directions. I feel valued and comfortable as a client of this broker. Thank you for the support so far, the best Broker...

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Robert Stewart
Dec 25 2022
Initial deposit is pretty cheat

Deposits by bank transfer in my opinion are a good thing at this broker. Very fast and easy for me as a novice trader. The initial deposit is also relatively cheap, only around $ 100. Even though the choice of currency is quite limited. I, whose country's currency is not listed, was forced to convert to an existing currency. But I think the most important, there are no fees for deposits.

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Dec 1 2022
Great deal with small deposit

Leverage's maximum TMGM can offer 1:500. for me, these are good deals for those with a minimum deposit of $100 and it can limit your order execution so you can avoid overtrading, which is good. Few brokers offer lower leverage, and why they only can give you little leverage because they are Australia-regulated brokers so this broker can be trusted. Meanwhile, I think if you want to start trading with a small deposit, you need to rethink using this broker as it is not user-friendly. But for me, this lever is very functional and useful!

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