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May 18 2022

I have read so many negative reviews about online. The sad thing is that I put the cart before the horse, I should have done my research before committing my funds to this broker. Different people have a lot to say, ranging from fake promotion to bad customer service. In my case, it's even worse as I cannot withdraw the profit I made on my trades from this broker.

Is this how brokers do business?  This is surely a scam and I know someone is about to ask me to forward my complaints to the customer care. I have done that several time but it seems as if my funds aren't getting out anytime soon. According to the risks involved in trading, it is just fair that a trader should be allowed to withdraw their profit after they have completed their trades. My question is  has anyone also experienced this? how did you go about it? Is there something that can be done to get my funds out?

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