Stay away from this. I lost money due to MT4...

A Animassen Singapore Sep 18 2020

Stay away from this. I lost money due to MT4 malfunction. A few of my positions did not close on time. The same day and time two other brokers' charts closed similar positions on MT4. They received charts screenshots to compare but denied any accusation of the wrongdoing.

F FIBO Group
Belarus Jul 8 2021

Animassen: Hello Animassen!
Thank you for your feedback.
For each request received from the Client, a detailed check is carried out in accordance with the Regulations. The response to the request is provided within 10 working days. The decision is made solely on the basis of data from sources of objective information, including server log entries. The Client, in turn, is provided with a reasoned response. In case of any errors on the Company's side, we are always ready to consider the issue of compensation for financial losses.
Best regards,
FIBO Group.

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