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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Abel Degois
Mar 7 2023

AAAFx offers the unique feature of being integrated with the ZuluTrade social trading platform, which can be useful for traders looking to diversify their strategies. However, it is not all easy. It's important to carefully consider the risks of social trading before investing with AAAFx.

Owen Zimmerman
Account Number: (34879xxx)
Dec 22 2021

I have no complaints about IC Markets. Here is what I like about them:

1. Spreads: very good and competitive, especially for their raw accounts

2. commissions: Not too high, not too low, but overall really good.

3. Platform: easy to navigate, simple user interface

4. deposits and withdrawals: smooth, very fast

That being said, I also wish they will add several other features to make my experience better.

1. copy trading: So my friends can copy my trades and I can help them. So fat IC Markets PAMM system requires a sum of 50k minimum which is a bit out of reach at the moment.

2. Automatic withdrawals: Some brokers already have this feature and it really eases my burden.

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Gordon Harris
Account Number: (432257xxx)
Oct 29 2021

Unfortunately, I lost a lot of money trading with IC Markets due to some of their employees' unwise decisions on the managed account. Luckily this isn't my life savings, but other traders might put most of their funds in it. Although, some of it might be their own mistake to put all of the eggs in the same baskets. That doesn't mean the account manager can do whatever they please. Also, I notice that some traders weren't informed about the commission fees and other costs, so they didn't prepare beforehand. I think this is the broker reponsibility to explain about the risks and hidden fees.

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Cornelius Horton
Account Number: (45908xxx)
Feb 20 2019

Here is the reason why I think OctaFX is the real deal.

1. They care about the client, and customer service is good

2. Very honest and friendly

3. Good trading platform

But, there are some aspects they can improve.

To start Earnings updates ought to be real-time on time. Second of all, measures to minimize losses of small copy traders. Master traders stated "minimum investment" is somewhat deceptive. For example, no master trader from lot 0.02 upwards is allowed to state $25 as a minimum investment.

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