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Anthony Maxsson
Dec 29 2020

They are an offshore fraud company with no license at all. Their accounts are not real money accounts but demoaccounts that they manipulate and controll. They can cancel your trades, to help you out, and even offer insurance, meaning that if you loose your money they can get them back, if you pay 20 % in insurance. The only reason not a lot of people report them is because all “customers” end up loosing everything on trades, not even knowing Rcpro is behind the loses. If you succed to be successfull in your trades and want to make a withdrawal, there is no way you will get any money. Only if its small size withdrawals you will get the money, just for them to get your trust. When making deposits they will tell you to transfer money to many different accounts all over the world, with strange beneficiary names, like food companies, and private individuals in Saudi Arabia.

All you who have lost your money trading with them, you should know, you never lost anything because you never even got a real money account to begin with, even less made any real trade.

The banks are now suspecting them, and holding on to their money, awaiting more evidence to be found. Contact HSBC in Hong Kong, about this fraud to get your money back