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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Iwai Kyou
May 15 2020

Is Exness safe? Is it trusted?

Raja W
May 14 2020

How come I lose a lot of money as long as I have profited 200%. Re-entry and my money runs out immediately.

Theodore Neal
Account Number: (22156xxx)
May 11 2020

Oanda is a huge company, is such a shame they can't protect their clients from serious slippage and non-executed trades. Oanda told me that they will only guarantee me to fill within that slippage area during normal markets. But it just never happened. Worst of all, no trailing stops available after promising they would add it. At this point I should stop believing what they are telling me.

Min Jae
May 5 2020

Are Admiral Markets and Tickmill good brokers?

South Africa
May 4 2020

What should be the maximum balance in a standard FBS account? If I trade and profit until thousand dollars, is it safe to continue using a standard account, or should I open a new account with higher criteria?

Sonya Rey
Apr 30 2020

What do you think about IC Markets? Is the broker safe and legit? 

Delmer Snell
Account Number: (89780xxx)
Apr 28 2020

Back in the day, TMGM was my all-time favorite broker. I think they were very affordable compared to other brokerages with similar features. But, the best part is that they don't have inactivity fees. So I can go around and 'cheat' with other brokers, or hold my position for long without having to worry that the broker will count me as an 'inactive member'. But now, things have changed. They now charged inactivity fees, so I'm a little bit sad over it. For those who want to know, their monthly account maintenance fee of $30 will be applied if the account balance is below $500, or the account is inactive for more than 6 months.

Henrikke Christensen
Apr 25 2020

Please share your experiences with those who have joined Pepperstone regarding
1. Types of accounts
2. Pair Quote (Remake / Real according to market)
3. Pair Spread
4. Fund & WD system
5. Execution Speed (Open & Close Orders)

Pablo Harvey
Account Number: (34162xxx)
Apr 24 2020

Bad customer support for sure. I was having problems and decided to contact the support team for help. But they weren't really helpful or 'supportive' at all. They are kinda rude and want to make everything quickly done. I suspect the team must have been overworked to cause them to have a bad attitude like that. However, I can't really give them one star because they really did fix my problems in the end. Still, it wasn't really a pleasant exchange after all.

Gaston Winter
Account Number: (32123xxx)
Apr 24 2020

I joined Tickmill through a referral program, I thought they will be good. Well, in some aspects they do deliver what they promise they would. But the customer support is hell. The online team is not 24 hours and they can barely do anything when you talk to them. Even after they arrange for a callback, it does not happen on many occasions. Also, they don't have margin calls like any other brokerages, they just wiped out my account without telling me beforehand.