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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

Mykola Sereda
Account Number: (2145708xxx)
Sep 7 2021

I look for a quick resolution to any querry and government regulation, as well as faster trade execution when marking a good FX broker. Milton has many more things than I can think.

Toivo Eitersen
Account Number: (2100092xxx)
Aug 7 2021

I had an argument with Milton over a gap-up opening in the USD/TRY short position, which tripped my SL. I learned that the market openings are always wild for such exotic pairs and there haven't been any other issues afterward. Milton does care for customers and listens to them, not to forget solving if that's possible.

Timo Turner
Account Number: (2100092xxx)
Jul 30 2021

After a year of research, multiple filters lead me to Milton, not to ignore two-loss marking rides with so-called fx toppers.

Elias Fischer
Account Number: (2100090xxx)
Jul 4 2021

Haven't had a nice chance to trade before joining Milton. Their piece of advice on trading, regulated status, and good customer services, not to forget premium LP, can make me happy!

Tommy Wiso
Account Number: (2100089xxx)
May 30 2021

Milton’s negative balance protection via cypress branch is something that is very fat icing on the cake (think higher leverage and other tasty pleasantries for not overly regulated chain).

Ashwin Tarkaza
Apr 1 2021

Milton’s execution policies left me wondering, how can they provide such good pricing and still make the profits, i assume, b-book or payments for order flow should be in play… But hey, as long as a little guy is not undermined, they are free to do whatever they want.

Jasper Van Tajk
Mar 16 2021

I’m old school and lover security with growth. Milton keeps me happy with them since last two years. It’s been a wonderful journey. Only wish they add more stocks and alt coins. If you ever check them out, take a look at their investor account!

South Africa
Mathew Stinger
Feb 14 2021

Could have settled with a second-tier broker if considered bonus and freebies as the key. Milton initially disappointed with their harsh stand on bonus and strict regulations. Though, all of them were good that I realized afterwards.

South Africa
Magda Viotti
Jan 26 2021

There have been multiple instances during the covid-led lockdowns where my friends couldn't get withdrawals and were also struggling to trade when the time was right for the markets. However, with Milton, I had none of those issues.

South Africa
Aizek Aik
Jan 7 2021

It's a sort of miracle when I bumped on Milton without conducting any research while suggested by EliteCurenSea. Though, checking everything wouldn't have led me to anyother Forex brokers I guess. Milton is perfect!