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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

Jane Rosamond
Aug 12 2022

I have found this broker to be a great off-shore option for using in Australia as I can still access a full leverage service, which is something I can not do onshore. There is every asset I could ever need, including a variety of US stocks and crypto. Also love the fact that it is MT4 based!

Tareq Sikder
Account Number: (4753xxx)
Jul 5 2022

I started trading with LonghornFX over a year ago. I mainly gave them a go with a tiny amount to trade crypto 24/7. Their other offered trading features such as same day withdrawal, 1:100 leverage in cryptos and 1:500 leverage in currencies are quite handy for me since I am a day trader. I increased my investment with them later and it is one of my main brokers nowadays. On some occasions, I had to talk to their customer service. They were very helpful as well.

United Kingdom
Jenny Page.
Feb 1 2022

No problems at all with this broker withdrawal are some of the fastest I've come across and they have all the currencies and assets I want to trade. 100% would recommend people to use them.

United Kingdom
Keiran Glastonbury
Jan 12 2022

Specifically I use this for leverage trading crypto and have done for the last two years, I don't have a bad word to say about them and they fulfil my needs for this purpose

Hong Kong
Lee Adam Baxter
Dec 16 2021

I opened an account with LonghornFX purely as I saw they offered 24/7 crypto trading which was something that appealed to me. 

I'm glad I did as it's been very profitable for me. the spreads could be a little better but not too much to complain about as its crypto
Would recommend to others looking for a broker

United Kingdom
George Quayle
Nov 22 2021

Good all-around really. Trading is very responsive and the spreads are tight so I can make a little extra profit which is nice. Not sure what else you could need. Deposit and withdrawal are also smooth

United Kingdom
Keiran Glastonbury
Oct 20 2021

Since I commenced trading with this broker, they have been solid in terms of support withdrawals queries, etc. I feel I would put these in my top 3 for forex and crypto

United Kingdom
Stephen Day
Sep 22 2021

LonghornFX is a reliable broker that I use for both forex and crypto. I like to use them for crypto especially, as you can trade 24/7, which I couldn't for my previous broker. Withdrawals are always processed quickly. Definitely one of the better brokers that I have used. 

United Kingdom
James B
Account Number: (52738xxx)
Aug 10 2021

I found this broker to be pretty decent, used them for a while to trade forex and crypto pairs. The leverage offered was better than most other brokers which is what I was after. The executions in trades were quick, the web trader was quite nice and withdrawals are very quick. 

United Kingdom
Account Number: (568xxx)
Jul 12 2021

With so many different brokers it's hard to find what you are looking for. Came across LonghornFX and their platform and offer were good. after looking around I could not find anything else that could offer me the leverage and forex and crypto all in 1 place I wanted. tested out their services for a while and was so impressed with server speed and market excretion I now do all my trading off their platform. Top service