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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

Account Number: (105xxx)
Feb 9 2023

I'm satisfied with the services they provide, and would like them to fix some minor problems that happen to their terminal maybe not very often, but still.

United Kingdom
Account Number: (105xxx)
Dec 16 2022

a company with regulation, I find them very reliable.. they have bonuses, free tutorials. As for the assets, they offer a huge range of them...

Account Number: (355xxx)
Nov 10 2022

Good conditions for beginner traders, despite my experience, I do not like to risk large amounts, in a word, I tested the company and earned $500 in a week.

Account Number: (105xxx)
Oct 5 2022

I am mostly pleased. Customers service is great, platform is really good and complete, not very much intuitive though.

Hisham Younes
Account Number: (105xxx)
Jan 8 2022

I recommended IFC Markets to one of my friends called Hamza al Gamal, who became a client of IFC Markets, and the link to their website is

And his account number is 105242

And now MR Hamza asked me to talk about him and to publish his bad experience because of he just suffering some health problem with covid 19

MR Hamza ( and any small knowledge will be attached with its document ) deposited 5000$ at IFC  MARKETS , first they asked to deposit directly at one of their employers bank account and not in their bank account , this employer called Artashes Kardashyan


ACCOUNT NUMBRE 3708407820901

IBAN AE650340003708407820901

But we refused to deposit at his bank account then they gave us a new bank account related to IFC MARKETS

Then we deposited the 5000$ at 2021-08-17

At 2021-11-24 we requested to withdrew all money at the account ( 4 292.85 $)

The implementation of the withdrawal request was very late, so I contacted the company that sent me an unclear copy of the bank transfer

Then, after my visit to my bank, the bank requested an M3 form for transfers to follow up on the late transfer, so I contacted the company that sent me the attached pdf

I visited my bank again to follow up on the transfer that was late for more than a month. The bank employee told me that the matrix of numbers contained in the transfer is not used by banks.

And when I felt that it was starting to indicate that I had been exposed to a scam, I contacted the company several times via email and each time they said that they would wait some time before sending my money back.

finally, they confirmed that they will not be able to send my money unless it is returned to their bank account again

And as it is clear, there is a continuous procrastination for more than a month, and there is also a suspicion of fraud in the transfer documents that they send me all the time.

I've contacted the company a lot to no avail, and they don't care about their reputation at all

Even when I told them I would complain to the licensing authority and your regulation, they didn't care at all

I have every document to prove what happened including their emails 

I added this story and experience to let other peoples know about fraud and scam brokers and you may help to force this scam broker to send me back my money