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I have been working with this broker for 3 years...

Karel Przybylsky
Poland Jan 6 2022
Account Number: (29**xxx)

I have been working with this broker for 3 years now and we have a full understanding. They don't allow themselves any spam or super risky offers. And I trust their professional instinct and experience.
In fact, I believe that today this is the best offer in terms of price/quality ratio.
Low spreads combined with good trading conditions and a modern trading platform using new technologies for trading.
I think this broker is also great for beginners, considering that there are video tutorials for learning how to work on the trading platform, where you can find almost everything you need for beginners, from registration to charting tools and different options for opening a position.
The broker withdraws money, I think this is one of the main questions traders are interested in.

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