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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Eilo Ruonakoski
Jan 17 2023

It covers much. Hycm is a reliable broker.

Vass Alex
Jan 14 2023

Somebody can state that absence of alternative trading platforms is bad. But I think Metatrader is the best option and the most powerful trading platform that perfectly fits in the HYCM canvas.

Luka Postma
Jan 7 2023

It's amazing that this broker provides MetaTrader as the main trading platform. It is so important for me because I have a few indicators I would like to use on this platform. By the way, is trading EAs allowed here?

Robert W.
Jan 5 2023

Good article about one of the major brokers of the forex industry for sure. But there are some inaccuracies. For example, the article says that max leverage is 1:325 for currency pairs, yet in reality, it's 1:500. Which is a massive difference for those who are heavy leverage users in their trading.

Dec 28 2022

HYCM has nice account conditions. I bet it can suit different types of traders.

Dec 20 2022

When someone asks me which broker opened my trading account, I do not hesitate to name HYCM. Because despite the specifics of this broker, on the whole, it is a reliable company.

Tam Leeyao
Account Number: (75412002xxx)
Dec 11 2022

the fact that minimum deposit on Raw account compiles only 200$ is delightful for me, as this is the sum I had when I started trading here. I boosted my deposit a bit but now I took a break, as I want to rework my trading strategy and get back to seems to me that it's the right solution when you stuck. 

Vakpati N.
Account Number: (512201203xxx)
Oct 30 2022

I didn’t read many Hycm reviews, but I think this one hit the nail on the head and mentioned all the broker’s features in detail.
Hycm has almost no restrictions when it comes to trading activity. I’m speaking about the variety of trading accounts, platforms or instruments that every client is able to choose and apply in his trading practice.
The broker allows scalping as a form of trading also. This type of trading is allowed only by the top-tier brokers, as far as I’m concerned. Broker’s Raw account fits perfectly for this trading style. It offers the tightest spreads possible with rather low commissions. At least it’s the lowest commissions I’ve met in the market.
Generally speaking you want your broker to look like Hycm - reliable and competent.

Account Number: (541200125663xxx)
Oct 29 2022

if you are fond of scalping, then Raw account is your choice, otherwise the broker doesn't allow this type of activity. it's obvious, scalping with fixed spreads is the worst idea :D

Timothy Horan
Account Number: (5122253625xxx)
Oct 22 2022

This broker is mostly positive. It’s licensed and has a good reputation, but there’s one nuance that can spoil a good impression. Two of its three branches provide small leverage for currencies. Get ready for this.