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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Account Number: (988896523102xxx)
Nov 15 2021

This brokerage company offers really good opportunities for trading. On the other hand, you should be ready to make the most of it. Don’t hurry, it requires a great deal of dedication and concentration, especially you are planning to trade intensively on Webtrader. This platform ensures a smooth and fast transition between assets, but if you plan to open one trader after another, you shouldn’t do it randomly but be aware of a certain relationship between assets. For example, EUR/USD and USD/CHF go in the opposite direction and it’s just one example and the market offers tens of them. I advise you to find such promising relationships on a demo account not to sacrifice your real money.

Senn Veenstra
Nov 8 2021

I am just delighted with the work of ForexTB broker. I didn't get such a result, namely high income from trading in any company. With this broker it is real and quick to recoup the initial investment and to reach a net profit. I don't have any complaints about the organization of trade at all, they solve all issues so quickly. I recommend this broker to everyone.

Markus Moen
Account Number: (256302130542xxx)
Nov 3 2021

I think that successful CFD trading depends on the discipline of the trader and on the capabilities of the broker. For example, discipline can be trained and the right broker must be chosen right away.
I chose ForexTB because there is a professional software METATrader that gives you access to a lot of functionality for analysis and trading. It is also very important that this is a legal company.
I am now studying everything and trading a demo account. Please tell me what is the minimum ForexTB deposit I need to have to start making money?

Vincenzo Romano
Account Number: (181568xxx)
Oct 26 2021

The broker ensures good execution. However, it’s not a miracle. All regulated brokers have good execution because reputable banks want to work with regulated brokers. This one is regulated by cySEC. So, I recognize that it’s reliable. However, there’s not much here that could surprise me, except for Webtrader. It’s probably the best web platform. It can do nearly the same MTs do and at the same time, it’s much easier to use.

Account Number: (6321563xxx)
Oct 19 2021

Trade the way you want, but always remember about your safety, and therefore try to choose a reliable broker, after all, this is your money. I have chosen ForexTB broker for me.
And it seems to me that now is the best time to practice strategies on demo, to study analytics, but not to trade actively, though I could be wrong. In general, if you will insure yourself with adequate stop loss, then you can actively trade here as well.
In addition, leverage up to 1:400 is available here for professional clients, but I would not take the risk with it either. I would limit my leverage here up to 1:30 for individual clients. But the main thing is that there are all possibilities here, you can choose to your liking. The broker's website has great educational content. From the trading platforms here are available everyone's favorite Metatrader 4 and Webtrader.

Sil Koning
Account Number: (32156654xxx)
Oct 13 2021

That’s the broker I would like to stay with. It’s not only about its regulation, although it plays a crucial role in the brokerage industry. I tested it on a real trading account and I can say that my impression is very good. It ensures good execution, but the most impressive thing for me is a very good choice of indices. I didn’t expect so many indices. Perhaps, you would agree that it’s much easier to trade indices than currencies.

United Kingdom
Saimon Richter
Oct 9 2021

I don't know when I could start trading. I didn't have enough money. For me, even $ 250 is a lot and it's hard for me to give such a bag to someone who knows where. I am currently trading a ForexTB demo account. I want to learn everything. I need to work hard to have confidence in my abilities and open a real trading account.

Teodor Balog
Account Number: (1255463258xxx)
Sep 25 2021

I don’t pay too much time to choose a new broker. I have a five-year trading experience and for this period I have changed a lot of brokers. The main thing that I learned about brokers is that they should be regulated. The rest depends on a trader or to be exact his capability to analyze the market correctly. Today brokers offer similar trading conditions as a consequence of fierce competition. Of course, there are some differences but they are not crucial for me because in any case you are expected to analyze the market and then open a sell or buy trade. If a broker is not regulated, it can be a scam. If it has a license, you have no reasons to worry and can focus on your trading. That’s the positive situation I have with this broker. I know that it’s genuine and can pay a lot of time to explore its assets and I should say that the choice is very rich. I especially like the choice of indices. 

Raimo Kontkanen
Account Number: (321524628xxx)
Sep 12 2021

I always wanted to diversificate my trading. Recently, the FX market became so slow-moving, major currency pairs narrowed daily rate ranges, while the only interesting action happens on exotics that are hard to predict. So I came up with an idea to find a reliable broker offering stock CFD for intraday trading. One of the conditions was tight regulation by European authorities. I have found ForexTB. After three months of trading, I can state that everything is going well so far, withdrawals come in time, and the broker’s trading conditions are affordable.

Wessel Jansen
Account Number: (362154xxx)
Sep 3 2021

About a month ago I came across this ForexTB broker. I checked the reviews and decided to try it with a small amount, I deposited $290. Funds were credited to the account without any fees. The terminal is fine, although a couple of times it hung up, it was the fault of my Internet provider. Now it works without any problems. After I traded for a couple of weeks, I withdrew $100 also without any problems, within 3 days the money came to the card, which was a pleasant surprise.