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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Account Number: (597xxx)
Sep 29 2021

At Forex Optimum you can find good commodity market instruments, indices, and stocks. Conditions are very good, other brokers are not so comfortable. Very good leverage 1: 100. Swaps are low. A good broker should post-buy exactly in this way so that the conditions are beneficial to the client in the first place. And all the conditions the broker promises are all met when you open an account. That is, if you start with a demo, then in real life everything will be the same. I did not observe any deceptions on the part of the broker. Good luck.

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Republic of Moldova
Account Number: (595xxx)
Sep 20 2021

I am very pleased with a large number of instruments. For cooperation, a big plus is their support, they helped me start working easily. The conditions suit me quite well. The spread is available for work and the swap is small. I do not trade for the weekends, I don’t risk. Friends often fly out on weekends. I am working here for a year, there were no problems. Once my money came late, but this is not a terrible problem. For me, according to the terms, this is a profitable investment.

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Account Number: (26967xxx)
Aug 25 2021

 The most important and big plus for me is a large selection of tools. Wednesdays and commissions here are average, I faced even more commissions from competitors. I displayed profit here several times quickly, but they asked for proof of this confirmation that the card was opened in my name. Once verification during withdrawal took a very long time and my documents were considered for 12 hours. I don't really like this, it's good that there is no such thing when trading and replenishing. 

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Account Number: (595xxx)
Jul 29 2021

I will write my opinion. I have worked for many brokers and switched from one platform to another. It was very difficult for me to find a broker for my intraday trading. Now I work through Forex Optimum as my new broker and I am satisfied with our work. All conditions are suitable for me: fixed spread, fast execution, and attentive service (this is very important for those who need help and I think everyone needs support). They don't steal pips. The order is always opened at the correct price that you want!!!! and not at the price that the broker wants. I've seen this with other brokers. Here is an honest platform where I make money easily. The technical support staff is very helpful, I never had any problems with them and when I need them they are always ready to help me quickly respond and give answers to my questions. I believe that my investment here is profitable.

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Republic of Lithuania
Account Number: (595xxx)
Jun 22 2021

This is an ordinary company, it is like everyone else, I was just very lucky with its support - it answers all my questions and suffers a lot from me. It helps me day and night. And when I saw the bad reviews of my broker, I was offended. If you do not understand trading, go to study and do not slander. Thank you for the conditions and withdrawal of profit and good support.

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Republic of Lithuania
Account Number: (123456xxx)
Jun 14 2021

Hello to everyone I write from Italy. At the beginning of the year, I was shocked by Covid and Forex Optimum. I was so sick of Covid but Forex Optimum made me happy. You remember, there was a moment when oil prices retreated? I made money on this. Thank you guys for a good job and correct quotes of oil. I know that some brokers constantly have problems with this tool, there are gaps and freezes. I was lucky here and there were no such problems. I don’t like the size of the spread, but that’s not bad because the execution is good.

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