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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

United Kingdom
Andrew Young
Mar 6 2023

Fondex automatic trading possibilities are awesome! I'd like to point out that the choice of cTrader in this instance was a good move.
It's a platform that specializes in the algo trading experience. And the base of cBots is big.

United Kingdom
James Morgan
Feb 10 2023

The broker remind me of my initial steps in trading, because this one was my first broker on the market. I gave up trading for a while back in the days, but now I'm back and armed up!
I am ready to examine company's conditions once again, as I reckon some things have certainly changed. It's not a secret that decent companies always strive to improve the conditions in order to please traders and comply with contemporary market requirements. I remember there was a brilliant copy trading system that I once used. I hope it's still alive...

Aatif Kothari
Aug 30 2022

If I were asked to recommend broker for trading in financial markets. I would name this company.
I am one hundred percent happy with trading conditions and services! Everything works perfectly, and I don't have any problems. I think this is what trader needs for comfortable trading.

Czech Republic
Michael Anderson
Aug 12 2022

I trade with Fondex for almost two years now and everything is just nice. Good conditions, nice trading platform and friendly support team - everything I need!

Chio Ung
Account Number: (212025652302xxx)
Feb 12 2022

Should tell ya dat for a long time I didn’t dare to try trading cuz I was kinda shy. That’s one of my worst qualities but trading did help me to get rid of that downside that often prevented me from living in haRmony with the world.

My mate helped me. He was very kind to explain many trading related things in plain language on Skype. He showed me good oil - pics, videos and told crucial stuff only.

What he taught me replaced trading courses, while the rest I learned by myself. Since his last tuition two years passed and I did on my own. Nevertheless he did me one more favor a month ago. He kindly helped to choose a cool broker and I chose this one.
Really don’t regret. It’s licensed and its platform ctrader helps me to instantly navigate through my favorite cross pairs.

Account Number: (210452635689xxx)
Jan 23 2022

Fondex was the first time I saw crypto-payment systems that can be used freely - it actually allows for any financial transactions at all with no fees - needless to say, that's all I use. This is something that can be recommended.

Saudi Arabia
Account Number: (120124578596xxx)
Jan 15 2022

Ctrader enthusiasts will harly find as good trading conditions as fondex can offer to them. The spreads there are really low especially when we compare them to those which are offered by other brokers.

For example, the spread on usdbtc starts from 3 usd and there is no commission, I turned to this broker also because of the fact that it allows scalpers to trade as well. More often than not, we can see that the trading conditions are not suitable for scalpers because of some regulations which prohibit to open the deals for less than 60 seconds, however, scalpers are welcomed at fondex. 

Account Number: (568956587542xxx)
Dec 20 2021

I really like this broker for having the only ctrader trading platform. It has a lot of great features, such as a trading schedule by symbols and currency pairs; the program will remind you when the market is open and closed. The trading platform gives you the opportunity to use the most popular built-in indicators, there are more than 50 of them. You'll also be able to track your trading strategy for effectiveness because detailed trading statistics are provided.

I opened a trading account here half a year ago for $800, I already have $1,500 on my account. And I never managed to achieve such results with other brokers.

Dhanush Batta
Account Number: (53262124523xxx)
Oct 24 2021

I work with Fondex recently. I have a little experience, but I haven't traded on cTrader before. It turned out that there is nothing complicated about understanding this terminal. The interface is user-friendly and understandable, it is comfortable to work with, there are a lot of tools. I have not had any problems, I have not lost my connection yet, orders are opening and closing properly and I have not lost access to the trading terminal.

Although I am a newbie, there are clients who have been working longer than me and wrote about how everything works. I have not heard of such kinds of messages and they are really good tune.

Riley Blom
Account Number: (1245258745xxx)
Oct 22 2021

For the third year, my family has been living solely on income from trading with Fondex. I use the averaging method and locking positions.

The main thing to understand is that this is not entertainment and if you want to get rich quickly, then this is definitely not the right place for you. The way to financial independence through forex is a long, thorny path, but if you have patience, then at the end of the way a great reward awaits you. In general, if you want to ensure yourself and your children a comfortable future and you have strong nerves and patience, then you should definitely try your hand at trading with Fondex. What tactics do you use when trading with Fondex?