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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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South Africa
JJ Mayer
Mar 21 2022

How about FiboGroup? Is it still recommended in 2020?

Charger Good
Sep 20 2020

This broker is honest and comprehensive. They accepted my payment via Skrill instead of Neteller.

Sep 19 2020

They have a really slow customer support, and it can be so annoying that I prefer not to use this broker at all!!

Sep 18 2020

Stay away from this. I lost money due to MT4 malfunction. A few of my positions did not close on time. The same day and time two other brokers' charts closed similar positions on MT4. They received charts screenshots to compare but denied any accusation of the wrongdoing.

Sep 17 2020

NDD and fixed Spreads for Major-Pairs are little better than customary in the market. Usually no commission and good Swap-conditions for intraday and swing-trader. MT4-liquidity is better than most CY-brokers, avarage more than 200 lots a day in EUR/USD. You can also find many Minor-Pairs with real good conditions.

Overheard Radio
Sep 16 2020

My experience with is fine.
Execution is fine, spreads are fine, getting positive SWAPS. Overall good Broker.

Demi Demik
Sep 15 2020

Its a big scam, they can close account at any time. Russian-speaking clients even a special site opened with historys. Russian office (Moscow) was closed.

Sep 14 2020

I'm surprised that there are so much negative reviews. It's one of my first broker (where I lost some money) started to trade here in 2012 or 2013. No slippages, requotes, withdrawal was well (lost not everything). I choose this broker beccause they had many positive reviews.

Sep 13 2020

Their support are often curt but not overly unpleasant and they always respond nonetheless. Here am talking about the technical support team for elevated response. The normal support is almost immediate in chat but you would notice they are all East European or Russian.

Sep 12 2020

I was recommended Fibogroup and initially, I had no problems. Recently however, I had only my winners close early and last night, my position closed after a 7 pip loss and I had no stop loss on it. With the strategy I'm using now, this kind of activity has caused me a lot of headaches and a loss on my account. Also with stop orders, this broker will fill you once it hits the price and not when it goes through it. I have not seen this with other brokers. I will be leaving Fibogroup now.