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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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United States
Tyson Landrum
Jan 1 2023

Seriously, one of the worst customer service I have ever had in my whole entire trading career. I am using a demo account and contacting with the support team. But they tell me that my account isn't valid. That is impossible since I am sure that the account is verified. I ask them for further information but they were really unhelpfully. Imagine if this happens to a live account with REAL money.

Dec 26 2022

Well, I admit overall, this broker is pretty great. However, I feel unsuited to trading crypto in this company. Why does this company provide multiple accounts for crypto, but the spreads that it offers are very high and it annoyed me. Why should it be like that? Even though there is no commission, isn't it more convenient that the spread is competitive with other brokers?

Billie Tan
Dec 2 2022

Exclusive training at Exness. I mean, they just explain a bit about what forex is, what features and tools it offers, and he says risk trading in Exness doesn't even tell you about slippage and its solutions. That's it. They are very supportive and quick to place trading instruments in order positions, but I'm disappointed that they never tell me the risks, losses, and what would happen if I made a margin call. I think the lack of education that Exness provided to traders made me lose something that I knew I can avoid it.

Wilber Parr
Nov 28 2022

I can't believe how wide their spread becomes, especially on indices. Sure, the market's volatility may play some role in this case. But, even then, it is still way too big that it's supposed to be. It also seems difficult to place orders and stop near the current price. I am not sure if they have rules regarding this. But do enlight me if anyone knows about it. I tried to ask customer service these questions, but they aren't answering anything about it. It's seriously frustrating. They only send me codes but never do anything about it.

Efrain Peace
May 22 2022

For some reason, I keep having difficulty withdrawing my money from them. There are always some errors happening that I am not sure what to do anymore. I believe I have provided them with all of the necessary documents. I gave them two documents bank statement and a rental agreement. They refused u know what it means. In the end, they still didn't give me my money. Side note, I am not a small-time trader, so this is not just about the number of trades that I am doing. Even if I am, that does not mean they can treat me like this. I was hoping they'll do better considering they are a household name in this industry.

M John
Account Number: (67348xxx)
Mar 21 2022

I've been using EXNESS for the last 6 months. However I thought I would switch to another broker. Currently my order execution is getting more and more problems. The trading platform also often crashes and freezes. Several times the server also experienced problems when important news came out. So that traders lose the moment to take the opportunities that exist in the market.

Brande Pemberton
Account Number: (11231xxx)
Mar 17 2022

I can't get my money back from my wallet! They keep requesting me to verify my identity, which I DID by the way but they just keep asking me over and over with the same questions. The last time I sent an email to them was a WEEK ago, and they still haven't replied again. They said it will take 5 working days to reply, which I find absurd. Let's see if they will give me a proper reply or to ask me to verify my identity again. I don't understand why they can't verify me, I use the same email address and account for the past year, there shouldn't be any problems with it. 

Jordan Caro
Account Number: (91201xxx)
Feb 10 2021

Several days ago I checked my positions and I realise that my profits were not matching up with the pips I caught. even after I added the spreads (if my calculation is correct, which I'm sure it is) it still doesn't make sense. I am pretty sure that my loss was bigger than it was supposed to be. Because I am not sure, I decided to execute two positions in different directions for the same pair, like hedging. The one in a loss was recorded as 16 pips loss and the one in profit was recorded as 5 pips profit. I confronted them about it, but they just logged me out. I can't believe they are regulated.

Ok Oc
Jul 20 2020

I used to trade in this broker because of its competitive trading conditions. I gradually left Exness because it can't keep up to offer attractive promotions.

Jonah Rule
Jul 20 2020

The Stop Loss didn't work. My account got MC because of it.