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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Kerry Brady
May 19 2023
your go to broker for beginner

Easily one of the best choices for beginners. They offer complimentary webinars tailored for beginners. The speaker is proficient and adept at explaining the topics, particularly the fundamental analysis.

With a wealth of experience in forex trading, the speaker shares valuable insights from their extensive time in the industry. I have recently begun trading in a live account, and I enthusiastically endorse this broker due to their competitively low spread and commission rates.

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Marianne Lewis
Mar 7 2023
Amazing educational program

One of the best experiences, easily my top 5 broker. There are a lot of possibilities to gain from these brokers. Amazing spread, for example. BUt, if you are a new trader, no worries; they have an adequate educational program as well. Not one of the best in my opinion, but still considerably good. I would honestly recommend it, I honestly have doubts at the beginning, but once I found out that they are perfectly regulated, I was content.

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South Africa
Carman Charles
Mar 1 2023
Good for beginners

Easily one of the best forex brokers I have ever experienced. Although I believe they are more suitable for newbie traders. I am sure many people know them because of their extensive marketing everywhere. But they have a pretty decent service. Good trading cost, not too steep, and a good education program to support young traders. However, some of my professional traders do not enjoy using them. But, I could not say anything in their place. I guess it's something you have to experience yourself.

Ken Blanco
Dec 25 2022
Great analytical material, great education

Impeccable analytical material plus good educational services are the complete packages at this broker. This is what I felt the first time I tried Admiral. But why are the deposit fees quite high on some accounts? I feel uncomfortable and worried as a newbie client. The system is quite bad compared to other brokers, and a bit out of date. Only closing positions must be done manually, needing manual monitoring 24/7 again. Very tiring and enough to make me worry about losing funds again if a system like this continues.

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Patricia Johnson
Dec 25 2022
Amazing educational material

I've been using admiral as my broker of choice for about 2 years, I didn't find any big problems with that broker. This free webinar which is available every week really helped me at the start of trying forex trading. This broker provides great speakers, on how to invest, and the learning process is very easy to understand. Anyway, the educational material is very good with lots of courses provided, really helpful, especially for beginners who are just trying trading.

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Mohd. Jafar
Dec 23 2022
Waste my time!!

I feel scammed with no deposit bonus. I get bonus $50 and made profit a $400. So I began to withdraw, but after that they sent me email and I reachout to livechat. They said I just broke the rules of trading in terms of using deposit bonus. Why you dont explain it well in beginning? If you explain and EDUCATE ME AS TRADER with good EXPLANATION. I WILL NOT COMPLAINT and WASTING my time! Poor EDUCATION XM, so Poor!

Mildred Harris
Dec 15 2022
Good place for beginners

Definitely a good place for beginners and I have some evidence to prove it. For starters, this broker has a very amazing user experience. They are super easy to use and don't need too much time to master. In addition to that, they also have great educational support material. It's divided proportionally so it's easier to understand. All of their features including the Help Center, Complete Fintech Guide, and YouTube videos, are accessible to beginners.

Dec 2 2022
Instant automated withdrawals

Exness offers 24/7 instant automated withdrawals for multiple payment methods including crypto, instant deposits, 24/7 live support, spreads and commissions, competitive pricing, is reliable and accurate, regulated in many jurisdictions, constitutes a large volume of transactions, and publishes audited financial statements also stated on their website. The transparency of Exness is good also they have many trading tools that can support your trading such as Dow Jones lines, FX news, Trading Signal, Economic Calendar, and many more. But my only current recommendation is to add more indicators like JSE Top 40, Nifty 50, and tradeable exotic currency pairs. All about a 10/10 experience. I think this is the broker you are looking for for beginner to advanced CFD traders. Keep up the good Exness and keep improving and expanding your services. Glory.

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Dec 2 2022
Great trading program so far

I am new to Exness and have just opened an account. As a beginner, I found something to train me about Forex for the first time. Luckily I discovered that Exness has a training program at the Exness Academy. I found it very helpful and I planned to follow the lesson. As far as I know, there are 3 specific pieces of training based on my experience so that you can learn Forex in a more structured way and improve your level based on your knowledge and experience. It was very informative for me, just looking at the material. But I don't follow full to their education, so I'll give it 4 stars first. I will Give 5 stars if I find the training appropriate and easy to understand for beginners. Thank you very much.

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Dec 2 2022
I enjoy their webinar

I first learned about and started using Exness when I attended a free webinar. So basically it was a public webinar, so all I had to do was enter an active email address to host the webinar. I found their trainer to be very supportive and very good at conducting forex lessons. Even beginners can understand what they are saying. After joining, I tried the account demo for a month, and the demo functionality on my account seems to be the same as the live trader functionality. So I am sure sooner or later I will go live trading.

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