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South Africa
EEdward Jacobson Account Number: (10452xxx)
Oct 10 2014
The server keeps disconnecting

Yesterday I open several small positions with IC Markets. But I keep having problems, the server keeps disconnecting which causes my traders not to be executed. This isn't the first time it's happening, and I'm really worried. I already contacted their customer service but they said there is a problem with the system and that they will fix it. But it just keeps occurring!

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JJonathan Shawn Account Number: (231452xxx)
Nov 10 2013
Demo account have bad slippage

I had the worst experience with this broker, and I don't know how to deal with it. So, I recently moved from their demo account to a live account but I am already complaining. For those who want to know, this broker slippage is really bad! They keep saying they are a 'good no slippage broker' but I think that is a lie. I lost 20% on my account due to slippage, they should have included this in the demo account! I feel tricked. They also need around 10 days to withdraw, and even then, there is a 55 USD fee! I can't believe it! On top of that, customer service is mediocre, they should fix it. I really don't feel apreciated. For now I am moving to other broker.

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BBarnabas Collins Account Number: (2718490xxx)
May 25 2011
I couldn't get my money!

This is my experience with IC Markets.

I opened several accounts with this broker, and recently I managed to get $11,000 profits from one of my positions. Naturally, I want to withdraw the money. So, I fill out the requirements and wait for their answers. However, they somehow blocked me and nullified my account. At first, I thought this might be a mistake, there is no way they would do that without reasons, right? So I contacted their customer support, but I only got mediocre answers. They told me that my contract has been dissolved and that all of the transactions has been canceled. As a result, I couldn't get my money and I lost all of my deposits! How it is possible to cancel transactions on the STP and ECN technology? Are they really STP and ECN brokers? This is insane!

I did go to the regulator, but I'm not sure it will give me anything. But, again, this is MY experience. Others might be different.

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KKristine Alvarez Nov 30 -0001
Day 23 of asking my bonus

If you happen to snag one of their welcome bonuses, here's the catch – you can't even get your hands on the profits you make. The moment that bonus expires, they swoop in and wipe your account clean, effectively canceling your trading. It happened to me just yesterday. I went through the whole card verification process only to discover that you can't even make a withdrawal to your bank account.

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