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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Alexandria Galbraith
Account Number: (6635xxx)
Apr 11 2018

It's good that IC Markets have good spreads and affordable commission fees. But, there are several reasons that make me question this broker. For once, why do you let people deposit from skrill if you can't let them withdraw from it? It doesn't make any sense to me. I tried another withdrawal method but it was also full of troubles. Second of all, please reduce your slippage! It's insane how much I suffer only from slippage! It makes trading during super volatile markets more dangerous than it already is. Third, customer service is really bad, I don't think the team understands anything about trading despite my reasoning and explanations.

Monroe Arsenault
Account Number: (34545xxx)
Mar 24 2018

I can't believe the stunt they pull during the news release. They impose super high spreads for the majority of the major currency pairs which is around 100 pips to 200 pips. That of course sent me down to hell. I know that the market is super volatile at the time, but it's still insane. I trade the same pair on another broker and it wasn't that bad. Besides they do impose very terrible slippage that is approximately 10 seconds for delay of market execution on whoever had placed trades on the market. I confronted them, but they just wouldn't budge and keep saying nonsense. Should I move to another broker?

Jerold Milner
Account Number: (21342xxx)
Mar 1 2018

They use to be so good but now they are just like any other brokers. I just keep having problems after problems with them. Recently, they canceled all my profits including the remaining amount that had stayed in my account after the previous withdrawal. This is coming out of nowhere considering several months ago I still making withdrawals and everything was OK. Five months later I made a second withdrawal and everything went wrong. I've read in some forums that this happened to people who are making a profit regularly but I don't know for sure. Just very disappointed.

Account Number: (92175xxx)
Feb 9 2018

At first IC Markets seems like an ideal broker with a good raw account. They also process deposits and withdrawals instantly, which is great. But, after several months of trying this broker, I have to the conclusion that they do have several issues that they need to address. I tried their ECN account lately, and I found out that my order has been delayed, both entry and exit. Everyone in the industry knows this is a very important problem, it cost me small losses but still, losses are losses. I think they should switch to a DMA server to make sure all of the trader's positions can be open and closed instantly. This is a really serious issue for me, and I hope they would consider it.

Rivka Schilling
Account Number: (28192xxx)
Feb 9 2018

I keep having problems with them. My withdrawal has been canceled and I can't withdraw, no refund was made, and despite follow-up inquiries from me, no one has replied to me. In my opinion, whoever handles the customer service training is doing a pretty bad job. I can understand if there are some technical problems but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Warner Kirchner
Account Number: (34152xxx)
Feb 9 2018

There was a server halt when I was trading last week. Unfortunately, this cost me a lot and made my balance negative. The worst part is that I actually place a stop loss but apparently that doesn't mean anything for IC market. During the Corona volatility, one Monday morning, during the Asia session, I realized my balanced turned to -600 (was 1,100+) in about 5 minutes. I was online and connected to my platform but it just happened so suddenly. I am utterly disappointed, back in the day they use to be so good. 

Freeman Jameson
Account Number: (11902xxx)
Jan 4 2018

It's been 4 weeks and I still haven't got anything new about my withdrawal process. I actually place a withdrawal request and it doesn't appear in my account until the next day. So I decided to contact the customer service but the operator only told me to wait. I thought there must be some error and that everything should be great soon. But, that wasn't the case so I guess I need to wait for something to happen, with no perspective from their end on how long I need to wait. This is something very disappointing because it makes something appear very clearly, they are a mess. I am very sure when it comes to clients' money management, you need at very minimum an SLA support system giving something solid to the customer to hang on to, at least a timeframe.

Teresia Booker
Account Number: (44123xxx)
Aug 8 2017

I can't open my account and all their server is down during the most important time! I understand the server must be working very hard and an error like this is no surprise. But, they should anticipate it and do something about it. This has happened more time once, I can't keep losing trades like this. Good thing I have another account in another broker.

Gussie Penny
Account Number: (4431xxx)
Apr 11 2017

There are several delays that happened during high-impact news, but the customer service is very helpful. I know they are very busy since there are a lot of traders having the same problems. I appreciate how they stay calm and very understanding about the issue. Other than that it's all smooth sailing. The delays only happen for about 10 seconds. Although it does not have any huge effect on me, it might be a bigger problem for scalpers. So IC Markets should be more careful not to let it happen again.

Celina Tanaka
Account Number: (331826xxx)
Mar 22 2017

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing. So, about a month ago I deposited some money to my IC Markets account via SKRILL. It goes very smoothly and I was satisfied. Now I want to withdraw my profit into my SKRILL account but it seems to be very difficult. I don't know if it's even possible at all. I have contacted customer service and they said they will do something, but there hasn't been any update. What is the best method to get my profits?