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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

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Danang Megantara
Mar 5 2023

Even though broker has many branded indicators and add-ons, it can be hard for newbies to install one. On the other side, there are manuals for it.

South Africa
Sipho Oberholzer
Mar 2 2023

I have several times wanted to write a positive review about how I like to use the broker's services, but for some reason I always put this moment off. And now, finally I have the time to write a review about my satisfaction with the broker.
I can recommend this company to other traders and am not afraid that my reputation will suffer. Because I am confident in the broker and know that quality is guaranteed.
Of course, I also like their trading conditions. They are also important.

Lukas L
Jan 29 2023

Great thing about this company are branded add-ons and indicators. I like Smart Order 2, it is very suitable and makes my trading semi-automated in some ways. Some traders even replaced standard indicators with these provided by the company. And I think it is good becuase it saves so much time and nerves.

United Kingdom
Christopher Bennett
Jan 25 2023

This is my first broker, but I am glad the company provides the means to protect my deposit. For example, protection against negative balance.

United Kingdom
Jason Hill
Jan 18 2023

Nice spreads at this broker. I enjoy it very much. My trading style is highly susceptible to the spread levels, so Activtrades was a great solution for me in the first place.Other than that I can praise the level of security and various layers of protection. I think that's the main thing that traders value this broker for.

Giovanni T.
Jan 11 2023

I am only a student and the first time I came across activtrades, I thought it was pricy for me. A few weeks ago the broker popped up and I decided to scan through. Long story short, the broker does not have a min. depo. anymore.

Denis Pacheco
Jan 6 2023

This broker is very interesting to me. I haven't explored it completely yet. I think it will take me about a month or so.

Nils Otto
Dec 29 2022

I've interacted with this company, as I consider it the best mediating company in the market. It provides quality services regardless of any shocks that happen from time to time, as it was with the FTX collapse recently. Not all brokers can keep calm during various crises like it was during corona times. Here everything is stable, and that's the main feature I cherish.

Alberto Vazquez
Dec 16 2022

I looked through the hundreds of various forex companies, I believe. Until I realized that Activtrades is the one that met all my requirements in terms of credibility and instruments access.

Jardim R.
Account Number: (5420012526xxx)
Dec 4 2022

overall there is nothing to talk about. classical broker with a classical kit of instruments, plus some interesting tools. trading is convenient, earning funds is possible. short and to the point.