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Feb 2 2023


I've used this broker at the recommendation of a trader that was having a copy strategy going on there. At a certain point I've asked the broker to disconnect my account from the strategy and close open trades if there are because the trader was not answering anymore and he was starting to do only bad trades. Nedless to say that they didn't do that and my account was blown up. I am suspecting them of being hand in hand with the trader and a scammer broker. Everything that happened to me points in that direction. Scammer Broker. PS: The Trader And Strategy is UltraFX Pips (Scammers)

Jeff Morgan
Account Number: (#583xxx)
Nov 19 2022

I found absolutemarkets via a google search and since about 6months I trade using their broker, low spreads, and great services, that's what I am asking for.

Account Number: (6017xxx)
Nov 12 2022

SCAM BROKER that work together with the SCAM TRADER. YOUR MONEY WILL BE LOCKED FOREVER TILL YOUR ACCOUNT IS BLOWN to ZERO! First they link your account with the trader. Then they tell you that you cannot withdraw if there are still trades in the account. Then when there are no trades, there are open position opened by the stupid trader so they still cannot unlink your account. This trader blew my $500 to $300 in 1 week, winning trades were around $10, while losing ones are about $20. 1:2 losing ratio, anyone logical would know that it's a bad strategy. I am guessing that this scam broker work together with the trader to lose all your money so they can take everything. The trader is called Ultra FX Strategy, don't fall for their "daily PIPS wins", it's all a lie.

Oct 6 2022

Fast support and easy to sign up overall absolute markets is a good broker