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Identifying a good broker will not be complete without checking the testimonials. This is because experience speaks louder than words.

Broker Review

Mar 7 2023

If you are trade via this brokers on the metatrader 5 softwares, you can trade in so much timeframes, and all the order type you can do is really work flawlesly.

Massimo Neri
Feb 23 2023

Making the MT5 available to clients was a good decision by the broker. The leverage is also one of a kind and I really admire that the broker does that. But not much else is as impressive as the aforementioned. I know that the crypto market has been tough and volatile for a while and many countries are placing sanctions on them but there is only one cryptocurrency available to trade here across two pairs; BTCUSD and BTCEUR. There should be more options.

Antonin F
Feb 6 2023

One of the non-obvious advantages of this company that I found is the MetaTrader platform. The broker gives the opportunity to trade both on the MetaTrader4 platform and on its more modern version, the MetaTrader5 platform. I recommend MetaTrader for those who care about technology and the details of every trade. And for those who trade with Expert Advisors, this platform is ideal. It has very wide functionality.

Alvaro Esteban
Account Number: (26514xxx)
Mar 31 2022

You understand that forex trading is a high-risk online business.
On the other hand, there are unlimited opportunities.
Everyone chooses what is more important to him.
AAFX Trading is a great company for professional traders... But I am a beginner trader and I don't know if I need it yet.
Of course there's a demo account and different analytics on the site... but, I'm confused by the leverage of 1:2000. I really want to use it to have more profit... but it may have bad consequences.
I think you understand my confusion. I think I can still follow risk management and trade stably without risk.

Abhishek Kade
Account Number: (2106xxx)
Feb 4 2022

I trade mostly at night and it’s a logical thing that I chose a Fixed account with this broker. I value fixed spreads cause I know they are pretty good for night trading and they are quite rare. As a rule, brokers give floating spreads.

Account Number: (201326589564xxx)
Jan 25 2022

The availability of fixed spreads suits me fine. It is convenient.
I haven't used their bonuses yet. Worth taking?

Account Number: (201325689564xxx)
Jan 21 2022

AAFX offers a wonderful leverage. I mean that it is really huge and reaches up 1:2000.
Surely, I cannot but mention the trading conditions which the broker offers to its traders. They are really wonderful as the spreads there are really tight. I feel that it is a great combination of huge leverage and small fees which can be used in algo trading. 

Czech Republic
Jaromír Vančura
Account Number: (2954455xxx)
Jan 16 2022

I always believe that traders have to pay more attention to brokers, because brokers play major role in the life of a trader. They offer conditions, which help you to earn money or prevent you from earning it.

No doubts, that the process of seeking for a broker might be a bit boring and exhausting, nevertheless traders should do it in order to find a good broker and be happy trading with it.

There are three main types of accounts, which have unique conditions and of course they're different. Minimum deposit here is just 100$ and this sum is the most suitable for my needs, because I think that if traders would deposit less amount of money, then it will be hard for them to boost their deposit, while 100$ is considered to be the sum which is pretty safe to test the broker with.

As for the commisions on depositing and withdrawing money, then I can note that there is an interesting feature, which let you to withdraw money without any commisions, in case you made wire transfer of more than 10k usd or equivalent.

Lucas Roux
Account Number: (22458712xxx)
Jan 12 2022

It will probably take years to start making good money in the Forex market. Many people do not understand this and get angry if they could not double their deposit in the first month.
If you think about it, it seems that with the broker AAFX Trading this is possible, because there is a leverage of 1: 2000.
Yes, of course, if you trade and do everything correctly, then even with a small deposit you can reach big tops. But..
You understand that with such a leverage it is possible not only to increase earnings but also losses. Therefore, if the price falls by several points, then this can be multiplied by 2000.
It is sad.
Therefore, if you think that AAFX Trading will give you the opportunity to get rich in the first month, then you are wrong.
Forex trading is a job where your earnings grow in proportion to your skill. And broker AAFX Trading is a good place to work with great opportunities, but everything will not work out in the first month.

Account Number: (451254632532xxx)
Dec 26 2021

I got used to trade usiing various platforms, I mean I can trade whether from PC or laptop, or if I'm far away from home I trade, using my smartphone. This broker amazes me by the fact that it affords you to trade on smartphones even if you're not at home.
To my mind, brokers should be flexible as well as traders, because it's pretty difficult to change the conditions following the changes on the market, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible. It's possible and brokers have to comply with these changes anyway, in case they want to remain in demand.
Otherwise, they're under a risk to be replaced with new brokers. Fortunately, AAFX is able to endure the competitiveness in its niche I think.